AIDS easily “masquerade” as a skin disease? Teach you how to recognize early

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Belong to the more serious infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS through sexual transmission, more will be latent after virus invasion of the body, in most of the incubation period without symptoms, like normal people can work and study, but, after the incubation period the virus can attack the lymphatic system and lymphocyte can reduce damage to the immune ability, causing a variety of adverse symptoms, The effects are so widespread that multiple systems can be damaged. Therefore, to understand the harm of AIDS, through the right way to prevent. In addition, the appearance of AIDS after the skin will have strange, can not be treated as a common disease.


What is the skin abnormal need to suspect AIDS?




After the appearance of AIDS, the skin will have special manifestations. If the skin is found to have special herpes, it should be paid attention to. Whether it is herpes simplex or herpes zoster, it may be related to the body’s weak resistance, and AIDS should be suspected.


Because of AIDS after the invasion of the body’s immune system function decline, against pathogen invasion ability becomes poor, herpes simplex virus, herpes zoster virus may enter, causing the skin adverse symptoms, you can found a special skin herpes, repetition, skin injury, also with the pain, but this kind of situation to visit timely, Determine whether it is a simple skin disease or AIDS invasion.




2.Mucous membrane damage


AIDS affects the body health, often is the skin should be, characterized by skin mucous membrane inflammation, pain, discomfort, and mucosal damage situation reflected in the mouth, throat, serious when still can fester, represents the body damage, the problem and reduce the immune ability, development of HIV/AIDS, need a detailed inspection, The exclusion of other causes can be determined to be AIDS, otherwise the local mucosa continues to be damaged, followed by other problems will appear.


3.seborrheic dermatitis


In AIDS after the appearance of skin changes, the more common is seborrheic dermatitis. More than half of patients have this condition. Seborrheic dermatitis has obvious characteristics, such as erythema or desclination on multiple parts of the body, concentrated in the central area of the face, and dermatitis around the ears. It can be found that the local skin becomes greasy, sometimes accompanied by obvious itching. As a chronic inflammatory skin disease, may be caused by AIDS, if there are special skin changes should be treated with caution.


4. contagious soft wart


With the continuous development of AIDS, there will be multiple system damage, and to the late skin infection is more serious, it is difficult to treat. Partial patient immunity ability drops obviously, can appear infectivity soft wart, infectivity soft wart is a kind of virus infection.


Manifest as an infectious skin disease, skin lesions and find skin nodules have pimples, the top of the depression, also can appear the cheese of soft wart body, this kind of situation in children and young people, the incubation period, the body resistance is weak at risk is higher, can appear in any parts of the body, and reproductive organs, such as lower abdomen, trunk is more common.

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