Blood sugar is high, the body knows! If the body has these 4 “signals”, or “diabetes” has come

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According to the International Diabetes Federation, as of 2017, about 425 million people worldwide have diabetes. About 8.4 percent of women and 9.1 percent of men aged 20-79 have diabetes. It is estimated that the number of diabetics worldwide could reach 629 million by 2045. That’s a pretty big value.


Therefore, it is important to check blood sugar levels regularly. The normal range of blood glucose should be fasting blood glucose less than 6.1 and blood glucose less than 7.8 two hours after meals. According to the International Diabetes Federation, people with high blood glucose should have fasting blood glucose greater than 7 and blood glucose greater than 11.1 two hours after meals.


High blood sugar, the body prophet! If the body receives these four “signals”, or “diabetic” has arrived


1.Suddenly losing weight


Some girls may think that sudden weight loss is a good thing, but she may ignore the warning of diabetes. However, when the blood sugar level in the body rises, the insulin suddenly decreases, and the body cannot use the sugar in the body in the first time, so the energy can not keep up with the body needs, so the body will decompose more protein or fat to provide energy for the body, so at this time, there will be sudden weight loss. Therefore, in the event of unexplained weight loss, blood glucose should be measured at the first time.




2.Always thirsty


Diabetes has a high concentration of blood sugar in the body, so the body dissolves the blood sugar quickly, and the process of dissolving the blood sugar quickly, can consume a lot of water, can make you very thirsty. At this point, your skin will become very dry due to the lack of water. If you still don’t control your blood sugar at this point, you can double your water consumption and even cause irreversible damage to other organs.


3.Feeling very tired


Even if many diabetics do nothing, they still feel very tired and often have no interest in anything. This is also a reminder of high blood sugar in the body. When blood sugar is not normal, insulin in the body is reduced and can not be secreted normally. Sugar in the body can not be converted into energy, so people will be very weak and tired.


4.Visual impact


When blood sugar levels rise, it often affects the eyes, causing blurred vision. Therefore, once you find that you have blurred vision, you must see a doctor in time. If you choose to ignore it, it is likely to develop into cataracts and other diseases after a long time.

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