Diabetes is “eat” out, these three kinds of food is best not to eat, easy to raise blood sugar!

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Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease, and the number of patients is increasing every year. At present, the number of diabetes patients has exceeded 100 million, ranking first in the world.


The most serious reason is the change of lifestyle. The incidence of diabetes is becoming younger and younger. Many people have been diagnosed with diabetes, and many people are also in pre-diabetes.


Because a lot of pre-diabetes will turn into diabetes, diabetes is an incurable disease, once formed, some serious complications are inevitable, if substantive organ lesions occur, it is difficult to reverse, such as diabetic kidney disease.


Friends with diabetes should not be too anxious, we must actively prevent complications. Diabetic kidney disease caused by diabetes, at the beginning of the performance is relatively mild, in addition to microalbuminuria, patients may have no other physical discomfort, but as time goes by, the disease may be further aggravated.


If high blood glucose or unstable blood glucose control continue to occur, long-term fluctuations in blood glucose may eventually lead to chronic renal insufficiency and even uremia.


Uremia has a great impact on patients. In addition to long-term dialysis, the quality of life of patients is also seriously affected, so it is very important to control and stabilize blood sugar.


So how do you control it? We need to build a healthy lifestyle and develop a healthy diet. If we want to be further away from diabetes and its complications, we’d better not eat more of the following three types of food.


Carbonated drinks




The first is to stay away from carbonated drinks, many people love to drink carbonated drinks since childhood, this habit has been preserved, in adulthood, developed the habit of drinking carbonated drinks, carbonated drinks are high in calories, high in sugar, and low in nutritional value.


For people who drink carbonated drinks for a long time, it is easy to cause malnutrition, more likely to store fat, cause obesity, and thus increase the risk of diabetes, so it is not recommended to drink a lot.


Fried food


The second is fried food, fried food contains a lot of saturated fatty acids, if long-term eating a lot of fried food, it is easy to induce high blood fat or high blood sugar and hypertension.


In addition, fried food is high in calories. If it is eaten for a long time, the risk of diabetes is also very high. Therefore, people should eat less fried food.


High sugar snacks


The third kind is the snacks with high sugar content, such as fancy desserts, some cream cakes, chocolate cakes, etc., because eating too many snacks with high sugar content will increase the risk of overweight, obesity and even diabetes.


For people with diabetes, exercise is also very important in their daily life, in addition to a good diet. Lack of exercise and poor sleep are also important factors that cause diabetes. We must pay strict attention to our health in our daily life.


In addition to the above three kinds of food, daily life be staple food also should be pay attention to yourself, if long-term diet is too single, eat staple food or eat less staple food for a long time, accumulate over a long period to affect the diet, to prevent diabetes and its complications are also very bad, so must have a balanced diet, reasonable collocation, only is helpful to health.

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