Diabetic patients these a few things to do slowly long-term adherence or benefit

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Many diabetics want to know how many years they can live with diabetes and whether it will harm their average life expectancy. Although there is no cure for diabetes patients, only lifelong treatment, but if the blood sugar has been controlled very well, daily life attaches importance to health, can also live a long life. Diabetes patients should pay attention to a “slow” word in the case of health regimen, some things do slowly than do fast is much healthier.


Diabetes regimen in a “slow” word, these 6 things, it is best to “slow” to, or have benefits


1.Get up slowly


When diabetics wake up in the morning, they should not get up too fast. It is the first thing that must be done slowly. Oneself in the whole process of sleep blood circulation is relatively slow, after a night of sleep quality, blood is relatively sticky, if wake up too fast, elevated blood pressure is very easy to cause some accidents. In particular, some middle-aged and elderly patients with diabetes themselves have cardiovascular disease, so we should pay special attention to this matter.


2.Eat slowly


Diabetic patients need to pay more attention to blood glucose control. In addition to paying more attention to the types of food ingredients, they also need to cultivate some good diet structure. Meals must be gradually, do not need to be swallowed, to eat less meals.


If have dinner fast all the time, the data signal that the person’s brain receives hungry feeling is met slower, can eat a lot of food material inadvertently, cause heat to exceed bid, harm the mark value of blood sugar after meal.


3.Speak slowly


Some diabetics are impatient, speech voice speed is especially fast, have been a word and others dispute. This kind of personality must be adjusted, due to the ups and downs of the state of mind, blood sugar value will be very likely to occur ups and downs.


Control emotions to timely, speak slowly, reasonable is the key, there is a calm state of mind can really solve difficulties.




4.Insulin should be injected slowly


It is often said here that the injection of insulin should be slow when only pushing the needle, and slow when pulling the needle, but it does not mean that the injection of insulin should be slow and not injected.


The main reason is to ensure that the effect of insulin glargine is not affected. Don’t worry about it. Only when insulin glargine is fully functioning can blood sugar levels be stabilized. No matter how skilled you are, you can’t be equivocation on this matter.


5.Defecate slowly


Many diabetics suffer from severe constipation. When they encounter severe constipation, they cannot defecate at full speed. Otherwise, high blood pressure will cause some risks.


Rather than all-out defecation, than using other methods to relieve constipation, so that their own defecation more smooth. Drink more water, knead the abdominal cavity moderately, or do some exercises to promote intestinal peristalsis.


If there is no way to relieve constipation according to himself really, can look for the assistance of a doctor, take a few medicines to make defecation more smooth. On weekdays, eat more foods that contain dietary fiber, which is not only good for controlling blood sugar, but also can prevent severe constipation.


6.Exercise slowly


When we say gradual movement, we do not mean a reduction in compressive strength or time, but not too fast in the rhythm of the movement.


Too low or too short exercise is not easy to have a good hypoglycemic effect, which many diabetic patients know.


Slow movement means that it is not necessary to be eager for instant success and instant benefits. Instead, it is necessary to make exercise plans according to its own basic sports. It is not necessary to challenge especially high sports at the first step, which is very easy to be injured and not easy to adhere to.


Patients with diabetes should pay attention to the above several things that need to be done slowly under the condition of health regimen. Patients with diabetes who have a short temper should also be adjusted. To do these things, not only can prevent accidents, but also can control blood sugar very well, kill two birds with one stone.

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