“Disease” does not go alone! It is the most common complication of diabetes!

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Diabetes is a metabolic syndrome caused by a variety of reasons, such as islet function decline or insulin resistance. Among the complications of diabetes, the most common is fatty liver! Fatty liver is caused by excessive accumulation of fat in liver cells. The two seem unrelated, but in fact they are a pair of “mates”. Many people with diabetes also have fatty liver disease, and people with fatty liver disease are also prone to diabetes.


Fatty liver is one of the most common complications of type 2 diabetes, with an incidence of about 50%. About one in every two patients with type 2 diabetes has fatty liver complications.


Diabetes is due to the body’s use of sugar barriers, intake of sugar only a few can be used by cells into energy. The body then mobilizes fat to help sugar fuel the body. Therefore, the decomposition of fat stored in adipose tissue increases, forming a large number of free fatty acids, which then enter the liver through the portal vein system. Finally, a large number of triglycerides are synthesized and stored in the liver, forming fatty liver.




At the same time, the study also found that hyperinsulinemia and abnormal glucose tolerance have a promoting effect on the production of fatty liver. Long-term control of blood sugar is not good, can make insulin rise, promote adipose synthesis, inhibit adipose decomposition. Lipids in the liver and apolipoprotein to become lipoprotein this process is affected, resulting in fat can not be transported out of the liver in time, can not effectively combine lipids, can only be deposited in the liver cells, the formation of hepatocyte adipoid change, namely fatty liver.


Two-pronged — synchronous reversal of liver protection and sugar control


Because of the “special relationship” between diabetes and fatty liver, we should take both measures to protect the liver and reduce blood sugar.


So how can diabetes complications be prevented? First of all, we should improve our lifestyle to prevent the occurrence of diabetes. Such as weight control, regular exercise, and reducing the intake of high calorie and high sugar foods.


Second, drugs containing polyene phosphatidylcholine can be used to protect and repair the liver. It contains essential natural phospholipids, which can repair liver cell membrane and help restore liver function.


With the development of The Times, while improving the living standard, we should pay more attention to our health. Diabetes and liver disease are risk factors. Therefore, both patients with diabetes and people at high risk of diabetes should pay attention to liver health and regularly monitor liver function.

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