How does heart disease come about? Can heart disease be inherited? Let’s listen to what doctors say!

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The heart is a very important organ in the human body, which is responsible for the function of blood production, and heart disease is divided into congenital heart disease and acquired heart disease, for patients and their families, in addition to treatment, there is another issue of concern is whether heart disease is hereditary, in addition to this, they also want to know how to prevent heart disease.


The heritability of different heart diseases is different


First, congenital heart disease


The reason for congenital heart disease is a kind of heart disease, the cause of the disease is divided into single gene inheritance, chromosomal abnormality variation and multi-gene inheritance, most of the common congenital heart disease is caused by multi-gene inheritance, and congenital heart disease is not entirely due to genetics, if there are some diseases in the environment that can lead to heart acute, such as drugs and viral infections, etc. can also induce congenital heart disease. heart disease. It is not the exposure of the fetus to teratogenic factors that can cause congenital heart disease, but rather the genetic predisposition of the fetus and its response to specific teratogens.


From the above, it is clear that congenital heart disease cannot be called a hereditary disease in general, but if a member of the immediate family has congenital heart disease, he or she is three times more likely to develop the disease than a normal person, and the greater the number of first-degree relatives with congenital heart disease, the greater the probability of developing the disease.


heart disease


Some congenital heart disease is related to the situation during pregnancy, for example, viral infection in the first trimester, especially rubella and influenza, may lead to acute fetal heart disease, in addition, taking too many sedative drugs and antibacterial agents during pregnancy may also lead to fetal congenital heart disease.


Second, acquired heart disease


The former is caused by rheumatic fever that leads to heart valve problems and is not a genetic disease, while coronary heart disease has many causes and it is not clear whether it is hereditary or not, but there is information that coronary heart disease has a certain degree of familial nature.


Prevention of heart disease can start from the following


1, quit smoking


Smokers are three times more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease than normal people, because tobacco will harm cardiovascular endothelial cells after entering the body, which will lead to thickening of the heart muscle, which will affect the normal function of the heart and will cause coronary heart disease.


2, weight loss


Overweight will have a great danger to health, especially to the heart, one is because obesity will lead to elevated blood lipids, leading to atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, the second is because obesity itself will increase the burden on the body, will lead to left ventricular hypertrophy, a long time down will also lead to heart failure.


3, exercise


Life is exercise, moderate exercise can promote blood circulation, can increase the flexibility of the heart muscle, can effectively prevent heart disease.


4, good sleep


Good sleep can help eliminate fatigue, in the sleep of even breathing will also reduce the demand for blood samples of the heart muscle, the heart can also be appropriate rest.

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