How likely is it to catch AIDS in one fling? There are four important factors to consider

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In real life, many people have a fear of AIDS, the disease is very afraid of AIDS. However, some people are not concerned about the AIDS, feel far away from their own. With the development of society, the concept is more and more open, many people in the sex life is also particularly open, so that sex becomes a dangerous behavior. Many people want to know such a question, is a risky behavior, the chance of being infected with AIDS is how high. There is no clear answer to this question, but a combination of factors.


How big is the chance that dangerous life is infected on AIDS?


1.The other person is not an AIDS patient


If the other is not AIDS patients, their own behavior, of course, will not be infected with AIDS. But there is no absolute thing in this world, although some people with AIDS test report to prove that they do not have AIDS, but he may just be in the WINDOW period of AIDS, just can not detect it. If this time and he had unprotected behavior, it is possible to be infected with AIDS.


2.The other person is an AIDS patient


And AIDS patients conduct behavior, the probability of infection is actually not large, that is, did not wear a condom. The rate of transmission from male to male is 1 to 1 per 1,000, from male to female is 1 to 4 per 1,000, and from female to male is even lower. But can’t therefore take it lightly, after all be infected is 100% of the matter, can’t have lucky psychology.






There are three main ways to have sex, can be divided into sex between men and women, men and men or men and women between the “back door”, and use mouth. In these ways, the “back door” infection rate is the biggest, can reach 1%~3%, a big chance to be caught. The risk of infection through the mouth is lowest, but increases if you have a pre-existing mouth ulcer or bleeding gums. Sexual life of the active side and the passive side of the probability of infection is not the same, if the male AIDS patients, he and people have sex, others are infected with HIV probability, than the female AIDS patients and others have sex to let others be infected with the probability, much higher.


4.Whether to wear condoms


Condoms are one of the most important ways to prevent AIDS. If you wear condoms, you are less likely to be infected with AIDS. The condition is that the condom is worn correctly, that it does not break or fall off, and that the condom is worn the whole time without taking it off. Wear a condom to carry out dangerous behavior, relatively speaking will be safer than not to wear a condom, but not 100 percent can completely block AIDS, can not have such a psychological. When buying condoms, we should pay more attention, to buy good quality condoms, do not buy fake and inferior products, otherwise things will be more trouble.


Only a risky behavior was infected with AIDS is relatively low, but there is still, as long as the infection is 100 percent of things, can not have a lucky psychological. If the risk factor of the behavior is relatively high, or after the end of sex is told that the other side is AIDS patients, this time do not delay, to rush to the center for infectious disease prevention and control or regular hospital to buy AIDS blocking drugs, the sooner the better.

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