How slow is chronic liver disease after all? I suggest you know more about these three characteristics

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As we all know, liver disease is a chronic disease, it is more difficult to treat, and will relapse, even in life to do a good job of nursing work, in strict accordance with the doctor’s orders to take drugs, or let what virus has been active, will bring double blow to the patient’s body and mind.


How slow is chronic liver disease after all? You have to know the three characteristics of the disease!


1, The duration of the disease is 6 months or longer


Once suffering from chronic hepatitis, the course of the disease is more than 6 months, it is very easy to be damaged by bacteria and viruses, which will lead to the necrosis of the liver, and even bring a series of complications to the body, seriously endangering the health. Especially chronic hepatitis B patients with three Yang, the course of the disease may be more than a year, the patient will be weak, without any appetite, the liver area has obvious pain and discomfort, abdominal pain, liver and spleen enlargement, and there will be liver and spider nevus.


2, There will be an incubation period of 3-6 months


No matter what kind of virus can have latent period, liver virus also is such, the viral hepatitis of type C can have 7~ the latent period of 8 months, hepatitis of a virus can have the latent period of about a month, hepatitis of virus B can have the latent period of 3 months, the latent period that also has a part of second liver patient can reach 6 months or so. It is because the incubation period of liver disease virus is relatively long, so wait for symptom to go to the hospital again to do examination, has reached the late stage.


chronic liver disease


3, The healing process is slow and complicated


Because liver disease patients have a certain incubation period, so it will increase the difficulty of treatment, especially for chronic hepatitis B patients, will carry hepatitis B virus for life, even more than ten years, if you want to completely eliminate hepatitis B virus is simply difficult.


How to prevent chronic liver disease?


1, to do a good job of personal hygiene


Do good personal hygiene at ordinary times, try not to go to small clinics for blood transfusion, do not share syringes with others, and do not close contact with unfamiliar people. Washing utensils and tableware should be disinfected regularly to prevent the invasion of the virus. Taking the time to exercise every day will not only improve the immune system, but also increase the ability to fight viruses, increase the metabolic rate, and help the liver function properly.


2, to a reasonable diet structure


To reasonable collocation of three meals a day, avoid excessive dieting and overeating, etc., will cause fatty liver. Keep a regular, scientific diet, have a nutritious breakfast to help bile discharge, and eat celery or wolfberry to promote liver cell repair.


Warm prompt


Liver disease treatment is more difficult, so in the life should do a good job of prevention, so as not to be invaded by the virus, develop the good habit of washing hands after toilet before meals, the family has hepatitis patients should do a good job of isolation.

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