How to prevent moyamoya disease, master three ways to prevent moyamoya disease

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Moyamoya disease is a neurosurgical lesion, which is harmful to patients and needs active prevention. In the process of prevention, patients need to pay attention to rest, reasonable diet and proper exercise. If the disease occurs accidentally, patients should pay attention to it and choose the right surgical plan according to the guidance of professional doctors actively.


Moyamoya disease, also known as abnormal vascular network of the brain, is a neurosurgical disease. In clinical occurrence of the probability is relatively high, the common incidence of the population for the elderly. Patients will suffer from cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, transient ischemic attack and other problems after the disease, and even threaten life safety. In order to prevent these conditions from happening, it is recommended to prevent them as soon as possible. So how can moyamoya disease be prevented?


1, Pay attention to rest


moyamoya disease


Lack of sleep can make the brain excited, after a long time, it is very easy to induce moyamoya disease. Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of this disease, patients need to pay attention to rest in their daily life, keep enough sleep, use less electronic products, watch less TV, and pay attention to the combination of work and rest.


2, reasonable collocation of meals


Eating properly can also prevent moyamoya disease. Patients should eat more high fiber and fresh vegetables and fruits in their daily life, and pay attention to the collocation of meat and vegetables and the collocation of thickness. This keeps the body in a balanced state of nutrition and helps to replenish vitamins, micronutrients, proteins, sugars and fats. Maintaining this diet for a long time can not only prevent the occurrence of moyamoya disease, but also enhance physical fitness.


3, Exercise


Appropriate exercise in daily life can not only prevent moyamoya disease, but also prevent varicose veins. However, we should remind patients to carefully combine their personal physical fitness in the process of exercise, not to let the body in a state of overwork, but also to maintain an optimistic and relaxed state of mind, so as to achieve a more significant preventive effect.


The prevention methods of moyamoya disease have been introduced. It is suggested that patients should carefully prevent moyamoya disease in their daily life according to the guidance of professional doctors. If the disease is present, the patient can use surgery to improve the condition. Postoperative care should be strengthened, and blood pressure should be monitored to avoid emotional excitement. In addition, according to the guidance of professional doctors, the relevant review.

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