If these seven symptoms appear, it is likely that the kidney is ill

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At ordinary times, we must pay special attention to observe our own health. If a person’s kidney has health problems, it will be a great blow to the whole body, and many diseases may follow. Therefore, at ordinary times, we must maintain our kidneys. So what are the symptoms if there is a problem with the kidney? This problem will be explained below.


1, loss of appetite: because the kidneys have the function of * metabolism, when our kidneys are in trouble, most of the water will stay in the body, causing digestive system edema, which can lead to poor appetite.


2, Nausea before and after meals: there will be symptoms of nausea and vomiting in the mouth before or just after meals. This is because the blood urea nitrogen is relatively high, and the bacteria in the intestine will decompose it into ammonia, which is very irritating, which will cause nausea and vomiting. Moreover, the metabolism of water in the kidney becomes worse, and the urea nitrogen in the human body cannot be excreted well, which will lead to the increase of the content of urea nitrogen in the body. Therefore, aggravate the symptoms of nausea.


3, edema: edema usually occurs in the morning when getting up, due to poor metabolism of the kidney, resulting in a large amount of water retention in the body, when the night after sleep, water generally to the two ends of the flow, so we will find * eyelid and ankle edema.


 symptoms if there is a problem with the kidney


4, Skin pruritus: for skin pruritus, it usually occurs in the middle and late stage of kidney disease. At this time, the toxin in the body cannot be excreted, resulting in too much toxin in the body. The toxin stimulates capillaries and peripheral nerves, resulting in skin pruritus.


5, Less urine: the average normal person’s urine volume is 1000-2000 ml per day, with an average of 1500 ml. this is related to the weather environment. If you sweat a lot, your urine volume will be relatively less. However, the change of urine volume will not be too large. If our urine volume is less than 500 ml, it is called oliguria. Less than 400 ml is called anuria. Either way, it could be a sign of kidney disease.


6, Urine color change: the urine color of normal people is transparent light yellow. If you drink less water or urinate for the first time in the morning, the color is slightly darker. If you find that the color of urine is red or similar to tea water, you should pay attention. It may be caused by red blood cells in urine. At this time, you should pay attention to possible kidney disease.


7, there is a bubble in urination: if there are persistent bubbles in the urine, then it is proteinuria. Proteinuria is the gold standard for kidney examination.


Among many human organs, the kidney is a very important organ. If there is a problem with the kidney, our body will have a lot of problems. At ordinary times, we observe our urination to see if there is a problem with our kidneys. After urinating, if you find some bubbles that will not dissipate for a long time, you must go to the hospital for timely examination.

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