Introduce the family prevention and treatment methods of some common childhood diseases

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Children are people under the age of 18, because of the relatively young age of children, the body’s immune system is not yet mature, poor resistance to disease, often prone to a variety of diseases, including the more common respiratory diseases (such as cough), colds, fever, diarrhea, etc. Therefore, for parents, in addition to timely medical care for children, appropriate knowledge of some treatment or medication methods, to ensure the safety of children with mild symptoms can be used at home or treatment, the following is the introduction of some common disease prevention and treatment methods at home.




The most common disease in children is fever. To prevent fever in children, parents should pay attention to the following points: (1) keep the room temperature appropriate; (2) add warm clothes for children in time; (3) keep indoor air circulation; (4) moderate use of air conditioning in summer and pay attention to warmth. According to the fever temperature, there are low fever (37.3-38℃), moderate fever (38-39℃), high fever (39-40℃) and super high fever (over 40℃). If a child has a low fever, then parents should first consider physical cooling by wiping the child’s extremities and forehead with a warm towel to promote a lower body temperature, and moreover, give the child more water to promote the child’s metabolism. However, if physical cooling is ineffective and the child’s temperature rises to moderate fever or even high fever, the child needs to be given medicine, and the more commonly used drug is Pediatric Chai Gui Fever Reducing Oral Liquid, which is a proprietary Chinese medicine. Commonly used western medicines are acetaminophen and ibuprofen granules. It is worth mentioning that parents can consider using suppositories when giving medication to their children, i.e., anal administration, which can avoid gastrointestinal irritation and improve children’s compliance. But be sure to be careful with the medication, pay attention to the dose, and try to follow medical advice.


common childhood diseases




Cold is a very common disease for both children and adults, children are more likely to catch a cold because of their low immunity, children’s colds usually manifest as a runny nose, sore throat, nasal congestion, etc. Parents who want to prevent their children from catching a cold may only pay attention to warmth, balanced nutrition to improve the immunity of children. And there are many drugs commonly used after children’s colds, most of them are some cold flus, but parents are not recommended to give their children blindly use antibiotics, and parents also need to note that conventional colds can usually heal themselves within 5-7 days, so if the child does not improve within 1 week, should promptly take the child to the doctor.




The main manifestation of diarrhea in children is thin stools, usually more than 3 times a day. The causes of diarrhea are usually viral or bacterial-fungal infections (infectious) and improper diet and cold in the abdomen (non-infectious factors). This requires parents to monitor their children’s hygiene in daily life, wash their hands regularly, eat a balanced diet, and keep warm. If the child has diarrhea symptoms, more commonly used drugs such as safranin, montelukast, etc., but because the causes of diarrhea are complex and varied, parents should not blindly treat themselves, but should take their children to the doctor in a timely manner.




There are various causes of cough in children, such as cold, fever, pneumonia, bronchitis and so on. Opening windows frequently, preventing colds and flu, and drinking more water are all common preventive methods. However, if the child still has cough symptoms, first parents need to rule out asthma to prevent misdiagnosis. If asthma is ruled out, a small amount of expectorants and cough suppressants, such as pediatric cough syrup, can be used, but if the child’s symptoms are still not relieved, parents still need to take the child to the hospital for treatment.


5、Skin diseases


Common skin diseases in children are mainly dermatitis and eczema. Parents should promptly take their children to the hospital to determine the allergen and cut off the allergen, and give the child medication to treat, do not blindly use drugs.


In summary, common diseases in children are preventable and treatable, parents should be cautious when children have the above diseases, and should pay attention not to give adult drugs casually to children to use, once the child discomfort, parents had better take their children to professional hospitals for consultation and treatment, do not blindly self-treatment, to the detriment of the child’s condition.

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