It’s high season for hand, foot and mouth disease again! These conditioning prevention and treatment methods parents quickly learn

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The high incidence of HFMD occurs from May to September every year. But this year, the incidence of hand-foot-and-mouth disease appears to be unusually “fierce” compared to usual, so much higher than usual that warnings have been issued in many places. Even a doctor said in an interview: “Last year, almost no severe cases of hand, foot and mouth, and this year has been admitted to several severe cases!” Don’t be afraid! Today I will tell you about hand, foot and mouth disease. I hope parents can be vigilant and do a good job in prevention for their children in advance.


10 Things to Know about hand foot mouth disease


1,Hand foot mouth disease (HFMD) is a common infectious disease in children caused by enterovirus. It is mainly characterized by maculopapular rash and herpes at the foot, hip and mouth, and is often accompanied by fever.


2,Hand foot mouth patients are generally susceptible. They can be infected at all ages, but mainly occur in children under 5 years old.


3, every year From May to July and September to November for the high incidence of hand, foot and mouth disease, now must start to actively prevent hand, foot and mouth disease!


4,HFMD is highly contagious, mainly transmitted through gastrointestinal tract (faecal-oral route), but also through respiratory tract (droplet, cough, sneezing, etc.), and can also be transmitted by contact with oral and nasal secretions, skin or mucosal herpes fluid and contaminated hands and articles.


5,The main symptoms of HAND, foot and mouth disease are fever, oral ulcers and herpes. Children will be sick in the mouth, hands and feet herpes and maculopapular rash, accompanied by fever, but most are low fever.


6,There is no rash on hands and feet, which may also be hand, foot and mouth disease.


7, the child has hand, foot and mouth disease, the number of the rash does not represent the severity of the disease.


8, hand, foot and mouth disease is mostly mild, mild symptoms, parents do not need to be too nervous, master good methods, reasonable treatment, children can heal, even without repeated medical treatment.


9, if the child has fever for more than 3 days, and appears drowsiness, vomiting, headache and other manifestations, it is necessary to take the child to the hospital immediately, do not delay treatment.


10, hand, foot and mouth disease and herpetic angina symptoms are similar, but herpetic angina herpes concentrated in the mouth and throat, and there is no hand, foot, hip herpes.


hand, foot and mouth disease


10 tips to actively prevent hand foot mouth disease


1,Wash your hands frequently, eat cooked food, drink more water and ventilate frequently.


2,Avoid contact with sick children and share toys, tableware and toiletries with others as little as possible to avoid infection.


3, during the epidemic of hand foot mouth disease, try to avoid taking children to crowded places, such as shopping malls, parks, amusement parks, etc.


4,After parents go home, they should wash their faces and hands before contacting their children.


5, parents should often clean and disinfect, especially children often use tableware, bottles, pacifiers, toys, etc.


6,Vaccination is the most effective measure to prevent hand foot mouth disease. It is recommended that children over 6 months receive the vaccine as early as possible, preferably before 12 months. But it is not recommended for children over the age of five.


7,Vaccination does not ≠ infection with HAND, foot and mouth disease; Having HAD HFMD ≠ never getting it again.


8, isatis root, houttuynia pot water for children to drink, and did not prevent hand foot mouth disease, but also damage the spleen and stomach.


9,The most effective way to prevent hand foot mouth disease is to regulate the spleen and stomach. Check whether the child’s tongue coating, breath, stool and sleep are normal with a 10-second digestive judgment every day. If children accumulate food, it is necessary to timely digestion guide stagnation, can use the new three star soup + vegetarian, lasting 2~3 days.


10, the child’s body accumulation stagnation wet, can use five star soup dispel dampness.


10 quick treatment of hand foot mouth disease


1,Most hand foot mouth diseases are mild and can be treated at home.


2,If you have two children at home, separate them from healthy children, and do not take them to public places where people gather.


3, diet, it is best to give nutritious, light, easy to digest food. Warm food can make your mouth ache worse, so it’s better to eat at room temperature.


4, to keep the child’s skin clean, use warm water to scrub the skin 1~2 times a day, pay attention not to use soap, scrub the action to be gentle.


5, hand foot mouth disease is generally low fever or moderate fever, do not need special treatment, let the child drink more water. However, if the child’s temperature exceeds 38.5°C or is unwell due to fever, the antipyretics Metrel or Tylenol may be appropriate.


6, to keep your mouth clean, rinse with light salt water after each meal.


7,Children’s used toys, tableware and other supplies should be thoroughly disinfected by soaking or boiling disinfectant containing chlorine.


8, relieve the pain of hand foot mouth disease swallowing, you can use light rice soup, do not give children excessive nutrition at this time:


9,For oral herpes, children over the age of 1 can gargle with honey water.


10, hand, foot and mouth disease commonly used drugs are as follows, the specific dose, according to the baby’s constitution, age, illness to decide:


Commonly used Chinese patent medicine: Yinqiao powder, Wuwei disinfection drink, Manlu disinfection Dan, Puji disinfection drink, Pudilan oral liquid, Jiuwei Shuangjie oral liquid, Jinlian qingreeffervescent tablets.


Commonly used antiviral western drugs: valaciclovir, ganciclovir.


External application of rash: papaya cream, calamine lotion.

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