It’s the most common chronic liver disease worldwide, affecting nearly 30% of people…

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What is fatty liver?


Fatty liver occurs when the fat in the liver cells exceeds the normal amount, that is, more than 5% of the wet weight of the liver. Of course, according to the amount of fatty liver content, we will also classify it into mild, moderate, severe, it has different diagnostic criteria. Fatty liver can also be divided into two categories: the first category of often drinking fatty liver patients we call alcoholic fatty liver; Patients who do not drink are called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Fatty liver besides cent is mild, moderate, severe besides, still have inflammation to still distinguish to be hepatitis of simple sex fatty liver, adipose sex according to it.


So how do you know if you have fatty liver?


First of all, most of the patients with fatty liver are asymptomatic, they are often found to have fatty liver in the physical examination, but he did not feel.


Some patients may have mild gastrointestinal symptoms, such as burping, belching, upper abdominal distension, etc., which are often considered to be gastrointestinal diseases, but are actually caused by fatty liver.


There are also some patients with obvious symptoms can have liver discomfort, severe liver pain, liver enzyme examination may be abnormal.


One more thing to be clear is that fatty liver is not only for obese people. In life and clinical practice, some thin people may also suffer from fatty liver, mainly due to abnormal regulation of blood lipids and lipid deposition in blood vessels. There are such people around us, they are tall and thin, thin body, the results of physical examination was found to increase blood lipid.


 fatty liver


Can fatty liver become liver cancer?


The inflammation of the liver is caused by the damage of liver cells, the damage of liver cells it is a kind of cumulative process progress, today a little damage, tomorrow a little damage, the day after tomorrow a little damage, it this kind of damage is more and more accumulation, finally lead to a more serious consequence. It’s the same as viral hepatitis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, autoimmune hepatitis, and so on, and everything else including drug hepatitis, toxic hepatitis, it can cause inflammation of the liver, leading to further fibrosis, to the point where we call cirrhosis. It can even lead to decompensation of cirrhosis, ascites, jaundice, gastrointestinal bleeding, hepatic coma and even liver cancer.


How does child also have fatty liver?


The incidence of fatty liver in children is also increasing. Every year in the enrollment season, graduation season and college entrance examination season, there will be a lot of children or young people to the hospital to see a doctor and find fatty liver. The vast majority of children’s fatty liver is pure fatty liver, because he does not drink, its harm is actually very serious, it will interfere with the function of normal liver cells, cause a series of functional changes of liver cells, and finally pathological changes.


Nowadays, our living standard has improved, but in a sense, overnutrition is more harmful to the body than malnutrition: nowadays, many children or young adults like to eat too much fried, high sugar, high oil, high calorie food, which eventually leads to fatty liver, which cannot be consumed by the body.


How to prevent and cure fatty liver?


Mild to moderate fatty liver can be reversed by adjusting diet and lifestyle, such as light diet, appropriate exercise, etc. In addition, most people who often drink alcohol will have fatty liver, at this time it is necessary to reduce the amount of drinking, or eventually develop into liver cancer too late to regret, most patients with liver cancer in the early body without adverse reactions; Severe fatty liver should be supplemented with appropriate drug treatment.

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