Kidney is good, look down at the urine, 1 minute self-test! Two kidney tonifying recipes are attached, which should be eaten most in autumn and winter

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The middle-aged and elderly generally have bad kidney, such as kidney deficiency, nephritis, renal failure and other diseases. Therefore, it is very important for people to prevent kidney disease every day. So, how can I know if my kidney is healthy? I teach you a way, that is, whether the kidney is good or not, look down at the urine and take a self-test in 1 minute. If you want to tonify and strengthen your kidney, I have brought you two kidney tonifying recipes. You should eat them most in autumn and winter. Please collect them quickly.


The kidney is the “scavenger” in the great circulation of our body. The urine it secretes sometimes has different colors. Just as artists express different emotions with different colors, urine will also “convey” different health messages with different colors. Insert: No, I have to discuss the “heavy taste” of urine with you at the dinner point. The key is that if you can take a look at your urine after urination, you may save your life if necessary!


Urine turns into these colors. It’s the kidney asking for help!


Normal fresh urine is transparent and amber liquid. The color varies from dark to light with the amount of urine. This is actually related to sweating and drinking water. Sweating more and drinking less, urine volume will be reduced, urine will become thick, and then it will appear yellow. In addition, take several tablets of riboflavin and carotene orally, and the urine color will appear dark yellow or orange yellow. Frankly speaking, these urine color changes can recover quickly, so you don’t have to worry too much. At ordinary times, you might as well drink more cups of boiled water and watch the change first.


However, if there is no clear reason for the continuous abnormal color of urine, it is very likely that the kidney is waiting for you for help! Especially when the urine shows the following three colors for a long time, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible!


Milky yellow: if the urine is cloudy and milky yellow, it is likely to be caused by acute infection of the urinary system.


Grayish white: if the urine is cloudy, it generally indicates that the cells in the urine increase and there may be inflammation. If it is grayish white at the same time, such as lime water or rice washing water, it is common in pyuria, renal pyorrhea, renal tuberculosis, or urinary tract infection caused by obstruction and foreign bodies.


Red / blood color: if the urine is red (women exclude abnormal bleeding during menstruation and vagina), it often represents that the urine contains blood, which is a distress signal sent by the urinary system (kidney, urinary tract, etc.) affected by infection, stones or tumors. Note: when taking some drugs to prevent thrombosis, some patients may have hematuria and bloody stool. In addition, healthy people may also have transient hematuria after vigorous exercise. These conditions should be distinguished from the pathological conditions mentioned above.


kidney deficiency


All in all, one minute after urination takes a minute to look at the urine, and you can roughly judge whether your kidneys are fine. In fact, when you observe the urine color, you may also find that sometimes there are a lot of bubbles in the urine. At this time, whether you understand it or not, there will probably be a term in everyone’s mind – proteinuria. So here comes the question…!


Urine bubbles, is proteinuria? Does that mean there is a problem with the kidney?


Normal people will have a small amount of bubbles when urinating, because normal urine also contains a small amount of protein. Especially when drinking less water or getting up in the morning, the concentration of protein components in urine will be higher, and it is easier to produce bubbles when urinating. However, this kind of bubble usually exists for a short time and will disappear soon. However, if there are still too many bubbles in urine when drinking enough water, and they exist for a long time, we must be vigilant and preliminarily judge whether there is a physical problem. Generally speaking, proteinuria is commonly seen in various kinds of nephritis, connective tissue disease, diabetic nephropathy and hypertension.


Therefore, if you find yourself with proteinuria and the following conditions, you must go to the hospital for examination: accompanied by edema of the face and / or lower limbs; Had microscopic or macroscopic hematuria; Frequent low back pain, joint pain, or skin rash; Have a history of nephropathy; Diabetes or high blood pressure.


The above conditions can increase the concentration of protein components in urine, resulting in too many bubbles and lasting. In short, whether it is to see whether the urine color is normal or whether there are long-lasting bubbles in the urine, as long as there is a problem with the kidney, you should first go to the hospital.


In addition, tonifying and nourishing the kidney is also a compulsory course for everyone on weekdays. Winter is not only the golden period of Tonifying the kidney, but also the golden period of Tonifying the kidney. Here, I’d like to recommend two tonic prescriptions to you. Nutritionists are eating them. Please remember the key points~


1,Mutton and shrimp soup ingredients: mutton, shrimp, ginger, scallion, salt and pepper. Methods: 1. Scrape the mutton, remove the blood, boil it, cut it into thin slices, put it into a casserole with shrimp, add water, and add an appropriate amount of ginger, green onion, salt and pepper. 2. First boil with martial fire, and then simmer and stew over slow fire for about 30 minutes, with the mutton cooked and rotten as the degree. Nutrition analysis: mutton can replenish qi, warm stomach and help Yang; Shrimp has the effect of Tonifying the kidney, strengthening yang and unblocking blood vessels. The combination of the two can warm the spleen and kidney, tonify deficiency and strengthen the body. This decoction can be used for auxiliary treatment of spleen and kidney yang deficiency, impotence and premature ejaculation, gray complexion, dizziness, mental fatigue, waist and knee weakness, etc.


2,Black bean round meat red jujube soup material: black bean, longan meat, red jujube, appropriate amount of water. Method: 1. Wash black beans, longan meat and red dates, put them into a casserole, add 3 bowls of water and cook over low heat. 2. When decocting until 2 / 3 of the soup is left in the pot, remove the scum of the soup surface. Nutritional analysis: black beans, namely black beans, are sweet and astringent in taste and flat in nature. They enter the liver and kidney meridians and have the effects of Nourishing Yin, nourishing blood, calming nerves and brightening eyes. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that those with black color enter the kidney, so it is very good for those with insufficient kidney qi and kidney deficiency. Longan and red jujube have the function of regulating and tonifying the spleen and stomach. Often eating black bean round meat red jujube soup can tonify the kidney, liver, blood and calm the mind.


This article introduces some tips for preventing and discovering kidney disease. For example, if the kidney is good, look down at the urine and take a self-test for 1 minute, you can preliminarily understand whether the kidney is wrong. For example, when the urine is milky yellow, gray white, red or there are always bubbles in the urine, the kidney is asking for help. We must not ignore the signals sent by these kidney diseases. In addition, there are 2 recipes for tonifying the kidney, which should be eaten most in autumn and winter. You can prepare all the ingredients and make them at home. If you eat often, you can warm up and tonify the kidney.

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