Look at your kidney. Is it empty? 10 questions, self-test

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Kidney deficiency is a word that men can’t avoid. Many men hurt their self-esteem because of kidney deficiency, and many men don’t know how to face and solve kidney deficiency. Internationally, kidney deficiency is a matter of great concern to the public.


Can kidney deficiency cause sexual apathy?


Kidney deficiency will certainly affect reproductive function and has a close relationship with reproductive diseases, but it does not mean that kidney deficiency will lead to low renal function and sexual apathy. Because sexual apathy is caused by many factors, such as life pressure and mental factors, kidney deficiency is only one of them.


What are the causes of kidney deficiency?


Kidney deficiency is actually a common disease of modern people. The main reasons are as follows:


1,Long illness: in the end of a long illness, it will gradually develop into kidney deficiency.


2,Like to stay up late: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sleep is an important means to balance yin and Yang.


3,Drug abuse: indiscriminate consumption of kidney tonifying health care products will lead to kidney deficiency without syndrome differentiation.


4,All kinds of pollution: food pollution, noise pollution and environmental pollution will lead to kidney deficiency.


5,Living habits: overeating, drinking, smoking and indulging in lust. For a long time, there will be chaos in the internal circulation of the body, which is easy to cause kidney deficiency.


6,Life pressure: almost every mental or manual worker will have kidney deficiency.


7,External evil invasion: external evil dampness and toxin can cause kidney deficiency.


Kidney deficiency is a stubborn disease that binds many male friends. As long as patients are busy with work, they will have weak waist and legs and weak limbs, which brings a lot of inconvenience to life. If you are worried about this, you might as well try the following methods:


Kidney deficiency


1,Buy 6 roosters just crowing, cut them into pieces as usual, fry them in the oil pan for a few minutes, add 500g rice vinegar, and stew them on the fire until half a cup of rice vinegar is left. Chicken should be eaten as a dish. Each chicken should be eaten three times a day, and six chickens should be eaten as a course of treatment.


2,Take 7 jujubes, 7 longans and 14 lotus seeds, add a little water to boil, let cool, and take the soup with food.


3,Rub the first joint of the little finger of both hands with your thumb and index finger, which are the left and right kidney points. Rub twice a day for about ten minutes each time. When rubbing the little finger point, you find that the joint pain is different. You can rub the painful side more for a while. But don’t use too much force and rub it gently.


Kidney deficiency self-test method:


1,I always feel sleepy, but I can’t sleep. I finally fell asleep and woke up again.


2,Weak urination, ticking and dripping.


3,Pour a little urine into a cup of clean water. If the water is still clean, it means you are healthy. If it becomes turbid or oily floating on the water, most of it is kidney deficiency.


4,Sitting in a chair watching TV, I feel sour after more than two hours.


5,When washing your hair, a lot of hair falls off.


6,Under the condition of normal drinking water, nocturia is more than 3 times.


7,Without lifting heavy objects, my legs are weak when I walk to the third floor.


8,He always wants to close his eyes and refresh himself, unwilling to think about problems and lack of concentration.


9,Get up in the morning with puffy eyes.


10,When you cook in the kitchen and stand for more than an hour, you feel your legs soft.


If three of the above situations occur at the same time, it is likely to be kidney deficiency.

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