Main causes and prevention of cardiovascular disease

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Cardiovascular disease has become the world’s leading cause of death. Scholars are committed to the early invention of cardiovascular risk factors. It is of great significance to systematically understand the risk factors of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis and intervene them. In addition to the traditional risk factors, the detection of related substances in blood has become an important trick to predict the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Blood lipid elements


1,Total cholesterol (TC)


Most of the serum total cholesterol in patients with coronary heart disease was 5.0 ~ 6.5mmol/l. The higher the degree of TC, the earlier the onset of coronary heart disease; For every 1% decrease in serum total cholesterol, the risk of coronary heart disease can be reduced by 2%. Many clinical trials have shown that lowering serum total cholesterol is conducive to reducing the death of patients with coronary heart disease and the onset of myocardial infarction.


2,Low density lipoprotein egg white cholesterol


Numerous studies have shown that the increase of LDL-C is the main cause of coronary heart disease. Low LDL-C can reduce the risk of recent heart attack by 40% and the long-term risk of 10 years or more. Therefore, the blood lipid of hospitalized patients with acute coronary syndrome or participating in treatment and bypass surgery should be measured at admission or within 24 hours, so that the doctor can treat them accordingly.


cardiovascular disease


3,High density lipoprotein egg white cholesterol


This is known as “good cholesterol”. Good cholesterol is less, the risk of coronary heart disease will increase. When HDL-C decreased by 0.03 mmol / L (1 mg / dl), the relative risk of coronary heart disease increased by 2% ~ 3%. When HDL-C < 1.0mmol/l (40mg / dl), it is called low HDL-C, which is considered to be a strong independent risk factor of coronary heart disease. On the contrary, HDL-C ≥ 1.55 mmol / L (60 mg / dl) has a protective effect on the heart. HDL-C is mainly affected by some ways of life (such as smoking, slimming, less exercise, etc.), and has a certain family heredity.




Studies have shown that high Tg is also an independent risk factor of coronary heart disease. Elevated serum TG was more common in patients with metabolic syndrome.


Arterial inflammatory factors


Over the years, more and more experts have focused their attention on the inflammatory response of arteries, and even some researchers have proposed that “atherosclerosis is basically an inflammatory disease, which is the main direction of future treatment.” Now we have started the routine inspection of some inflammatory egg white. Older people will start the detection of mutant genes and inflammation related egg white based on the detection of blood lipid and blood pressure. Perhaps in the near future, the high-risk groups of cardiovascular diseases will be treated for the very of genes. Some experts pointed out that assuming the above can be achieved, coronary artery disease will become history in 20 years.

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