Mammary gland hyperplasia prevention and treatment

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Mammary gland hyperplasia clinical manifestations health science education


Mammary gland hyperplasia is one of the common diseases in women, mostly seen in women aged 25 to 45 years old, and its essence is a physiological hyperplasia and rejuvenation of the normal tissue of the breast disorder.


In recent years, the incidence of breast hyperplasia is on the rise, and from outpatient physical examinations, patients with hyperplasia account for 70% to 90% of the women examined, with a high incidence. In order to improve the health knowledge of patients about this disease, health education prescriptions are developed. Health education is a planned, organized and evaluated educational activity. The core of education is to change people’s health behaviors through health knowledge dissemination and behavioral interventions, eliminate or mitigate risk factors affecting health, prevent diseases, promote health and improve quality of life.


The three major manifestations of breast enlargement


Mammary gland hyperplasia


(1) Breast pain. Pain and swelling in one or both breasts. The pain is dominated by breast lumps, which may radiate to the armpit.


(2) Breast lumps. Single or multiple lumps in one or both breasts, usually in the upper outer quadrant of the breast, nodular in shape, without adhesions to surrounding tissues.


(3) Accompanying symptoms. Patients often feel irritable and irritable, and menstrual irregularities can be seen. For the clinical manifestations, we will do the following health education for the patients, and the consultation time is 3~5 days after menstruation. Learn to self-examine. The time is 3~5 days after menstruation. Method: The patient takes off her blouse, stands upright to the mirror and observes the breast shape, nipple, areola, skin structure and color for any abnormality. Then lie down and raise the upper arm of the person being examined above the head on one side, with the fingers of the other side together, and stroke along each quadrant of the breast in the direction of upper outer – inner upper – inner lower – outer lower.


Analysis of the etiology of mammary gland hyperplasia


There are many causes of mammary gland hyperplasia, and experts have different views, but two are agreed, one is endocrine disorders, if the amount of hormones secreted by the ovaries in a woman’s body is not normal, it is easy to have this problem. Another reason is the mental factor, people used to live more or less the same life, but now society is progressing, each person’s treatment, different opportunities, it is difficult to maintain a peaceful state of mind, and mental pressure is too much, women in the face of work, family, employment is not as stable as before, some women will appear due to mental factors caused by endocrine disorders, these will have a negative impact on the mammary gland. Nowadays, people eat better and there are many people with high blood pressure and high blood sugar, which tend to make women have endocrine disorders and a series of disorders in the glandular structure.


Health education prescription


(1) Maintain emotional stability and cheerful mood.


(2) Eat less animal fat and more vegetables.


(3) Live a regular life, combine work and rest, and have a harmonious sex life.


(4) Exercise more and prevent obesity.


(5) Prohibit the abuse of contraceptives and estrogen-containing beauty products.


(6) Avoid abortion, maternal breastfeeding. (7) Self-examination 3 to 5 days after menstruation, once every six months after improvement.


(8) Wear appropriate cotton bras.


(9) Abstain from spicy, alcoholic and stimulating foods.

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