Prevention and health care of senile hypotension

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Senile hypotension should be prevented and treated from the following aspects:


1, The etiological treatment should strengthen nutrition for those with weak constitution; Those who feel weak after taking antihypertensive drugs should stop taking drugs or change to mild antihypertensive drugs; Hypotension caused by various acute diseases should be actively diagnosed and treated; Avoid changing posture too quickly and standing for a long time; When sleeping, the pillow should be 15 cm high; It’s best not to go to the toilet at night, and have a bedpan on the bed or accompanied by others to prevent accidents. Foreign doctors have observed that caffeine has a good effect on chronic orthostatic hypotension. Taking 0.25 g of caffeine orally 30 minutes before breakfast can reduce the decline of blood pressure after meals. You can also drink a cup of espresso before breakfast to provide caffeine, and you can get a similar effect.


2, Strengthen physical exercise. Physical exercise can regulate hypertension and hypotension. A foreign scholar said: “exercise can replace many medicines, but no medicine can replace exercise.” The elderly with low blood pressure can choose their own exercise programs according to their physical strength.


3, The elderly with high salt diet and low blood pressure can appropriately increase the intake of salt, which is about 2-3 times the normal amount of salt, i.e. 25 grams per day. After taking more salt, you must drink more water. More water entering the blood can increase blood volume and raise hypertension.


4, The elderly who choose tonic drugs for hypotension can choose tonic drugs to adjust their blood pressure. They can take 6 grams of longan meat every day or ginseng under the guidance of doctors. The traditional Chinese medicine “Shengmai Powder” (10g ginseng, 20g Ophiopogon japonicus and 10g Schisandra chinensis) is decocted every day, and the effect is also good.


5, Drug treatment of hypotension has obvious symptoms. Pressure boosting drugs such as Ritalin and ephedrine, adenosine triphosphate, coenzyme A, vitamin B and C can be selected to improve the metabolic function of brain tissue.


senile hypotension


Preventive health care and preventive matters


Usually develop the habit of exercise, a balanced diet, cultivate a cheerful personality and get enough sleep. Therefore, patients with hypotension should live a regular life.


When patients with hypotension take a bath, they should be careful to prevent them from suddenly standing up and fainting, and try to shorten the time to soak in the hot spring.


Be careful with vasodilators, sedatives and antihypertensive drugs.


People with orthostatic hypotension:


You can wear elastic socks. Before getting up at night to urinate or getting up in the morning, you should first move your limbs or stretch your waist. In this way, you can get up slowly after a moment of activity. Don’t get up suddenly as soon as you wake up, so as to prevent transient cerebral ischemia. You can also close your eyes before standing, bend your neck forward to the maximum, and then stand up slowly for about 10-15 seconds before walking, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing orthostatic hypotension.


When sleeping at night, raising your head can reduce the symptoms of hypotension. Take a shower often to accelerate blood circulation or wash your feet alternately with cold and warm water, strengthen nutrition, eat more digestible protein foods such as eggs, fish, cheese and milk, drink more soup and drink more water to increase salt intake.

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