Symptoms of heart disease, the 8 major triggers of heart disease

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Heart disease is a highly prevalent disease, most patients will appear pale, heart disease is mainly caused by high cholesterol or frequent secondhand smoke, may also be caused by obesity or emotional distress, often eat barbecue can also induce heart disease, the following we know specifically, the symptoms of heart disease, 8 heart disease triggered by the trigger.


Heart disease patients will appear pale, breath-holding, breathing difficulties and tachycardia, in the tip of the nose, mouth and lips, finger (toe) nail bed obvious cyanosis. The children often do not develop normally, showing thinness, malnutrition, and growth retardation. Some have chest pain and syncope. Some have abnormal sweating.




With high cholesterol, the chance of heart disease is three times more than the average person because too much cholesterol in the body accumulates in the blood vessels, making them narrower and narrower day by day and impeding blood flow.


heart disease


2, smoking


Smokers have two and a half times more chances than the average person because the nicotine or tobacco chemicals in cigarettes can damage the heart’s blood vessels, and if the blood vessels are cracked, cholesterol will accumulate.


3, blood pressure


High blood pressure, two and a half times more than the average person’s chances, high blood pressure will make the blood vessels constricted.




Diabetes female patients have more than double the chance of heart disease than the average person, men more than 50%.


5, obesity


Excessive obesity, because obesity leads to high blood pressure, high blood fat, diabetes, and these diseases will induce heart disease.


6, emotional


Stressful life, nervousness, arrhythmia, endocrine disorders, affecting the heartbeat, stimulating heart attacks, the normal heart is a little larger than a fist, through the circulatory system constantly pumping blood. The heart beats an average of 100,000 times a day, pumping about 2,000 gallons of blood back to the body. If the life expectancy of seventy years to calculate, the heartbeat can reach two and a half billion times.


7,Eat barbecue


High-temperature barbecue food will produce a blood compound called late glycation end products, this compound will reduce the elasticity of cells and increase the risk of heart disease. This also belongs to the cause of heart disease.


8, smoking second-hand smoke


If a person is exposed to smoke exhaled by someone else smoking for 30 minutes three times a week, his risk of heart disease is 26% higher than if he is rarely a passive smoker. The cause of this heart disease is more common.


The causes of heart disease are complex, heart disease patients will appear dizzy tinnitus pale face and other symptoms, often eat barbecue will induce the appearance of heart disease, often secondhand smoke will increase the chances of heart disease.

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