The body appears 5 kinds of symptoms, liver inflammation into “liver cancer”, commonly used “1 element”, liver is getting better and better

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Speaking of hepatitis, many people are aware that hepatitis is the “silent killer”. Hepatitis is a chronic disease that has been harming the health of more people today. If diagnosed with hepatitis, then should pay attention to, hepatitis is the first step to liver cancer, once not timely conditioning, liver damage will gradually expand, cancer cells in constant destruction, leading to cirrhosis, liver cancer.


The body appears 5 kinds of symptom, ten times hepatitis aggravates liver cancer, don’t careless!


1, urine yellow as tea


This kind of phenomenon refers to, when going to the toilet, the excreted urine is as yellow as strong tea, indicating that the hepatitis disease is very serious, usually we normal people excreted urine is light yellow. This is because when the liver cells are destroyed, the metabolism in the body is affected, and the bilirubin metabolism becomes abnormal, and it flows into the blood and circulates in the blood vessels of the body. When the urine is excreted, it becomes very yellow, indicating that the liver cells are seriously affected.


2,General weakness


General weakness is hepatitis a common disease, this situation is abnormal liver function, digestive function also follows affected, lead to the absorption of nutrition is not enough, will do nothing, the longer rest, also did not ease, so appear this kind of cases, to come to the hospital in time, and organise hepatitis.


3,Pain in the liver area


This phenomenon is in the position of the right upper abdomen, the general feeling of pain is different, such as acupuncture pain and pain, especially after strenuous exercise, the feeling of pain will be more obvious and severe. This type of symptom is caused by liver cells that have steadily deteriorated, causing the liver to start swelling.


4,Obvious edema of the lower limbs


liver cancer


It is usually manifested in the legs and feet, with significant enlargement. In severe cases, the patient’s whole lower limb will cause edema. The reason for this is that after the liver is affected, the asitoneal fluid will compress the lower limb veins, causing blockage and obstructing the venous reflux process.


5,Loss of appetite


Waning appetite, is obviously affected the digestive system, liver cells began in being destroyed, resulting in lower bile function, gastrointestinal peristalsis is abate, further will affect the patients to eat food, feel loss of appetite, even the most like to eat the food lift not appetite, serious still can accompany some complications.


The doctor suggests: hepatitis patient usually uses “1 element” boil water, liver will be better and better


For hepatitis patients, in addition to pay attention to the light diet in daily life, but also can choose to supplement “1 vegetable”, can have a good liver care function, but also improve the immune function of the liver.


Liver nourishing beverage liquid is the use of herbal plants: pueraria root, baobin, cassia seed, chrysanthemum and other ingredients, through high temperature fermentation with probiotics for three days and three nights, and finally extracted many effective liver nourishing nutritional molecules, can regulate the condition of hepatitis.


The food ingredients also contain many rich substances: puerarin, alkaloids, glycogen, their efficacy is to repair liver function, inhibit the growth of the virus, can detoxify, but also can enhance the regenerative ability of liver cells, with heat-clearing and detoxification, liver care.


Hepatitis patient does the following 3 points even, good liver function protection


1.Regular review to the hospital – the purpose is to be able to observe the change of hepatitis in time, early detection, early treatment, to avoid the development of serious disease.


2.Keep the mood cheerful — hepatitis patients avoid mood too nervous and excited, when the mood is bad can go for a walk, chat with friends, is conducive to the improvement of hepatitis.


3.Do not drink and smoke — cigarettes and alcohol contain harmful substances such as nicotine and alcohol, which, once entered the body, can accelerate the deterioration of hepatitis and, in severe cases, turn into liver cancer.

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