The damage caused by AIDS is not only personal, so prevention is really important

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AIDS is a serious disease, so far there are no any treatment method can thoroughly cure AIDS, and AIDS the infectivity is extremely strong, easy to affect individuals and families, and society, so in life to do a good job in prevention to avoid because of AIDS affects their health and quality of life.


AIDS is easy to cause what harm?


1.Heavier psychological burden


Infected with HIV, not only to bear the physical pain, but also to bear the strange look of others, so in the treatment at the same time but also to bear a heavy psychological burden, in addition to so far, there is no drug can cure AIDS, which has virtually increased the great psychological burden to patients.


2,.affect family harmony


Because to this day, most people still think that AIDS is caused by unclean life, so it is easy to affect the harmony of the family after the disease, serious time will even let the family because of AIDS and rupture.


3.Cause harm to society


AIDS mostly occurs in people between 20 and 45 years old, and young people at this stage are the main force of national construction, so AIDS has greatly weakened the productivity of society, so AIDS will cause certain harm to society.


4.High mortality


HIV/AIDS is the greatest harm to the body will continue to reduce the body’s immune system, so that the health of the diseased cells, the body is more vulnerable to bacteria and germs, so that the patients with unexplained symptoms, such as weight drops suddenly, abdominal infection, gastrointestinal symptoms and so on, when the development of HIV/AIDS in the late, will lead to multiple organ failure at the same time, So that people go to death.




How to prevent AIDS?


1.Avoid improper behavior


Improper behavior refers to outside of marriage x behavior and so on, may increase the incidence of AIDS. Sexual transmission is the main way to spread AIDS, so in addition to avoiding improper behavior, even if you are not married, you should keep clean.


2.Wear condoms when making out


In order to avoid being infected with HIV, couples should wear condoms even when they live together. In addition, no matter how much temptation can not take drugs, because drugs will seriously harm the human reproductive ability and nervous system, so that the chance of infection with AIDS increases.


3.Pay attention to personal hygiene


Especially to public places, to pay special attention to personal hygiene, first of all to choose squatting toilet, if only sit, then the toilet paper on the toilet, can not make the toilet directly and physical contact. In addition, in densely populated or complex places, people should not touch their hands, or wash their hands immediately after returning home, and do not touch their eyes and nose before washing their hands.


4.Warm prompt


Attention, although the obligation to donate blood is a glorious thing, but blood donation must be to the formal place to donate blood, to avoid sharing a needle with others and lead to HIV infection. In addition, although AIDS is a contagious disease, but the normal contact will not be contagious diseases, such as hugging and shaking hands, because in the premise of no exchange of body fluids, it will not be infected by HIV. In addition, for AIDS, prevention is greater than treatment, so usually from all aspects of the prevention of infection, such as the common use of toiletries with others and so on.

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