Various lumps and skin diseases in daily life

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A lump caused by rosacea


Chronic inflammation, rosacea, usually appears on the face. It often causes the background of cheeks, nose, chin and lower forehead to turn red. Some patients also have acne like masses.


Unfortunately, there is no complete cure for rosacea. However, there are some ways to reduce the inflammation that causes redness and swelling. The skin of the affected parts of the face of patients with erythema acne is often more sensitive, so it is helpful to use mild cleanser and mild moisturizer to replace irritating soap. For wine residue nose, sunscreen is also very important, because ultraviolet radiation from the sun will worsen inflammation.


But everyone has their own incentives, including alcohol, exercise, specific skin care or makeup ingredients. Therefore, it is important to control the impact of these incentives on you as much as possible.


There are other treatment options, such as local azelaic acid, local prescription, and oral antibiotics, and your dermatologist may guide you. Because there are many skin conditions that can simulate rosacea, such as acne, eczema and lupus, you must seek the diagnosis of a qualified dermatologist before self-treatment at home.




A mass caused by endogenous hair


Most of us have experienced hair growing on our body or face due to hair removal. Usually, when hair grows again, it grows on the skin. But if it begins to curl, it may be trapped and form a small raised red mass, which may or may not be filled with pus. Those with thick curly hair are more likely to grow inward hair than those with thin curly hair, but no one is completely immune.


The best way to prevent hair from growing inward is not to wax, shave or pluck, but this is not always a practical option, Dr. galden explained. The other way to restrict hair growth is to wash the skin with mild soap before shaving, and apply the lubricating shaving gel to the skin.


If your razor has several old uses, replace it with a new one, because the blunt blade can’t cut cleanly and accurately, and it will increase the risk of growth in your hair.


Another long-term solution is laser hair removal, which can completely remove deep hair and destroy hair follicles. Laser hair removal takes several weeks or months for several treatments, but the effect is usually semi permanent. Although it is not good for blonde or light hair, because strong laser will bring risks such as skin discoloration, burns and even scars, it is important to find a dermatologist with laser experience and certified by the board of directors. ”




Lipoma is a growth of adipose tissue that can occur almost anywhere in the body (including the face), but the most common are in the chest, back, shoulders, neck and armpits. Although they tend to grow slowly, usually after a few months or years, you will notice that they have a rubber like bulge under the skin, usually less than 2 inches wide, which feels like they can move. Sometimes larger lipomas do occur, and some lipomas are almost 8 inches in diameter, although this is rare.


The good news is that lipomas are almost always benign. However, Dr. gaden explained that there is a very rare cancer called liposarcoma. It occurs in adipose tissue and may look like a deep lipoma. So if you notice something like lipoma is painful or growing fast, you should go to a dermatologist and maybe have a biopsy.


Although the etiology of lipoma is not clear, the genetic conditions of some people make it easy for them to form dozens of lipomas. In most cases, lipoma does not need treatment, but if the lipoma causes any pain or discomfort, the patient can choose surgical resection.

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