What are the common chronic diseases in your life? And how to prevent!

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This article mainly introduces the prevention of some common diseases in summer: the main diseases are: heat stroke, intestinal infectious disease, heat stroke, cold and so on.


1.heat stroke


One of the most common symptoms in summer, the reason: in the high temperature environment, the body temperature regulation is out of balance, the body mass heat storage, water and salt metabolism disorder. Treatment: Mild heat stroke, drink more salty cool drinks, if there are symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting, you can take Rendan or Huoxiang Zhengqi water, severe heat stroke patients should be carried to the shade of the spot rescue, and immediately sent to the hospital.


Prevention: 1, do a good job in the sun to prevent the sun, 2, ensure enough sleep, 3, take warm bath to help the body temperature, 4, eat more vegetables and fruits, drinking salt water, mung bean soup, plum soup and other cool drinks.


2.Intestinal infectious diseases


Summer temperature is high, the food is easy to spoil, and a variety of mosquito breeding is fast, become the channel of disease transmission. The main intestinal infectious diseases prone to cholera, dysentery, hepatitis A, food poisoning, water poisoning and so on.


Main measures: eat less overnight meals; Tableware, food and other to prevent flies, mosquito bites, do a good job of washing and disinfection; Buy seafood and other aquatic products must be cooked thoroughly, do not eat raw; Do not drink raw water to prevent water pollution; Keep indoor and outdoor environmental hygiene, eliminate flies, cockroaches, rats, etc. Pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands and bathe often.




3.Heat stroke


Main reason: as a result of indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too big, if frequent access to a room, sometimes hot and sometimes cold make brain blood vessel repeatedly shu shrinkable. It occurs in middle-aged and elderly people with cardiovascular disease. Prevention: adjust the temperature of air conditioning properly, so that the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor does not exceed 7 degrees Celsius, and drink more plain boiled water or light tea can prevent heat stroke.


4.A cold


Cold prevention: first of all, we should pay attention to the knowledge of “eat”. Medical research makes clear, cold is because the food such as adipose food, meat, dairy product, yellow rice wine can reduce the antiviral ability of immune cell inside body and cause. Excessive consumption of high salt food, can lead to reduced salivary secretion, cause upper respiratory tract infection; Eating too much high sugar food, can consume the body water and vitamins, so that the immune function is low; Smoking and drinking, can cause respiratory tract defense function decline, easy to infect respiratory tract disease.


Reasonable collocation diet, eat less fried, salt food, stop smoking alcohol limit, can prevent a cold. Second, combine work and rest. If you stay at home all day with the TV, or work for a long time, excessive fatigue will cause the body’s immune function is low, causing a cold. Build resistance to the cold virus through regular outdoor activities by combining work and rest. Third, develop good hygiene habits.


Medical studies have shown that cold viruses can live on handkerchiefs for an hour and on hands for 10 hours. A sick person can catch the virus in their hands and then take it to the places they touch with their hands — handkerchieves, towels, doorknobs, telephones, desks and chairs, etc. A healthy person can catch a cold when they touch these places and then touch their eyes and nose. Do not shake hands with a cold patient, wash your hands frequently, get rid of the habit of touching your nose and eyes. Keep a good attitude. Often worried about the immune function of the people will be low, the body killing, phagocytosis of disease source microbes will be weakened, to the invulnerable respiratory virus to take advantage of.


People who are stressed and introverted are known to be less resistant to the cold virus. Emotional optimism is an effective way to prevent colds. Drug abuse is strictly prohibited. If you get sick and go to see a doctor in time, you can’t blindly take some drugs, especially not blindly use antibiotics, antipyretic drugs. Drug abuse can cause resistance to decline, normal flora disorders, cover up symptoms, delay the disease, but also may lead to illness aggravation.

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