What are the common symptoms of AIDS?

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AIDS is a disease that is very frightening. Because we all know that this disease is a disease that is difficult to cure. And the recurrence of this disease is also very strong. So we can only learn the early symptoms of this disease and discover in time, and get the best time to treat. Then what is the common symptom of AIDS?


1,It is difficult to stop coughing for a long time. The expectoration contains blood and chest pain.


2,In the absence of a clear cause of diarrhea, it still did not recover after a long period of treatment.


3, patients with AIDS will suffer from loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting and weight loss, and diarrhea will also occur, and the drugs used to treat diarrhea are ineffective.


 common symptoms of AIDS


4,The symptoms of lymphadenopathy occurred for more than half a year, and it had no effect on ordinary treatment. Under such circumstances, vigilance is the initial symptom of AIDS.


5,Herpes appeared one after another on the skin, and the scope of herpes showed an expanding trend, with obvious pain. After several months of treatment, it still did not improve. In addition, there are mucosal inflammation and ulceration in the mouth and throat.


6, AIDS will affect the nervous system, so AIDS, it will be accompanied by the continuous weakening of intelligence, wind stroke hemiplegia, feel dizziness and pain and other symptoms. In addition, the aging of the body will also accelerate.


The common symptoms of AIDS have been more understanding, I hope you will understand the common symptoms of AIDS, we can detect AIDS in time, and treat it at the best time as soon as possible. Wish everyone can get rid of this disease at an early date, and also pay attention to your personal life at ordinary times.

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