What are the manifestations of AIDS patients? I suggest you understand

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Speaking of AIDS, I believe we all feel very afraid. AIDS is a disease that occurs in different parts, and it also affects many systems and organs, such as respiratory mucosa, urinary system, blood system and so on.


Eyes can also be damaged to a certain extent, so many AIDS patients have a lot of eye lesions, such as fundus damage, which is relatively common.


What abnormality can the eye of AIDS patient still appear?


Seeing things blurry or tearful


AIDS contains a highly toxic, can increase the risk of retinal infection, degree will also be on the decline, serious can also lead to blindness, thereby increasing the chance of death, if in a certain period of time, we appear to see things blurred, see things shed tears and other phenomena, must go to the hospital in time for examination.


Yellow and white retinal damage


AIDS patients are also prone to increase the risk of cytomegalovirus retinitis, which is a very serious eye disease. When doing fundus examination, there may be yellow and white, retinal damage, redness and swelling of the eye, and there may be black shadows fluttering in front of the eyes, which will cause sharp loss of vision.


Do you know what happens to PEOPLE with AIDS?


Respiratory symptoms


After contracting HIV, people’s lungs will also appear uncomfortable symptoms, such as frequent cough, sputum, chest abnormal pain, breathing difficulties, etc., can also cause different degrees of tuberculosis, the symptoms are mainly loss of appetite, fever, weight loss, night sleep sweats, etc.




Central nervous system symptoms


AIDS virus will also damage to the central nervous system, if there is a headache, dizziness, brain inflammation, must not take it seriously, if not treated in time, will become dementia.


Cutaneous mucosal symptoms


One of the most common is mouth sores, because HIV can spread to the esophagus and throat, and if the skin is infected, it can lead to herpetic stomatitis, as well as fungal infection.


If the face, chest, ears and other parts of the genital organs have red tinea, the face has a unique butterfly distribution, it is likely to be infected with AIDS.


Hematologic symptoms


Many AIDS patients also have abnormal blood, most likely caused by reduced platelet and granulocyte counts.


Digestive symptoms


Many AIDS patients also have lesions in the digestive system, so when eating, the throat will be very painful, and the back of the sternum has a strong sense of pain.


If there is high-risk sexual behavior, we must go to the hospital as soon as possible to do the relevant examination, and also to take drugs to block the virus, so as to effectively reduce HIV to a minimum.


AIDS is mainly through sexual transmission, whether male or female, usually must pay attention to personal hygiene, more can not have a lot of sexual partners, more to refuse one-night stand.


For the sake of safety, when husband and wife lives, had better use condom, besides can have contraceptive effect outside, still can prevent AIDS. In addition, do not share syringes, razors, toothbrushes, etc.


I hope everyone should improve safety awareness, do not take it seriously, if really infected with AIDS, will affect your life, I hope everyone should pay attention to.


Read the above introduction, you should know that THE eyes of AIDS patients will also appear abnormal phenomena, usually must pay more attention to, if there is a performance, must be early treatment, so as not to cause disease, will not infect more people, if you have other ideas, can say it.

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