What does the common type of chronic hepatitis have?

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When chronic hepatitis appears, patients are very worried. When this disease appears, it will have a great impact on patients. Therefore, we need to know the symptoms of the disease in advance. More disease patients, because suffering from this disease, will suffer from great disease, so we need to pay attention to the occurrence of this disease, what are the most common types of chronic hepatitis?


A common type of chronic hepatitis


1, Chronic hepatitis B: It is generally recognized that hepatitis B virus does not damage liver cells. It is a series of clinical manifestations caused by the damage and destruction of liver cells caused by the host immune response. The clinical manifestations and symptoms of hepatitis B virus infection are different due to the different immune responses of the host.


2, chronic hepatitis C: hepatitis C disease occurrence factors are more complex, so it usually causes the restriction of the virus and the human immune system, causing the occurrence, development and recovery of the disease.


chronic hepatitis


3,  Autoimmune hepatitis: The pathogenesis factor of this type of hepatitis is usually that the body’s immunity is broken in the tolerance to its own antigens, which can stimulate the body’s immune response to its own antigens, and immune cells fight back against their corresponding target antigens, leading to cell death, necrosis and inflammation.


4, Chronic alcoholic liver disease: The emergence and development of chronic alcoholic liver disease are related to the following mechanisms:


5, Oxidative stress: In the process of ethanol metabolism, a large number of reactive oxygen species are produced, and the toxic reaction of oxygen free radicals causes oxidative stress in human body, which is one of the key mechanisms of the occurrence and development of alcoholic liver disease.


6, Toxicity of acetaldehyde: Acetaldehyde, an intermediate product of ethanol metabolism, is one of the main factors causing chronic progressive liver damage.


Warm prompt


Hope hepatitis patients should pay attention to diet, and at the same time to give up smoking and drinking at ordinary times you need to pay attention to the reasonable care, usually also should pay attention to physical conditioning method, to improve the physical quality comprehensively, so to prevent disease has good effect, we need to pay attention to improve the body quality, and pay attention to their health matters, comprehensive nursing, do not take lightly, It should be protected as early as possible to avoid causing more trouble.

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