What harm will diabetes bring to people’s body? The doctor pointed out these points

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Diabetes mellitus is a disease related to human metabolism, characterized by high blood sugar and high urine sugar. Diabetes occurs when insulin secretion is deficient or its biological function is impaired. Although there are no obvious symptoms of diabetes, the long-term high blood sugar in diabetes causes chronic and irreversible damage to various tissues of the body, such as eyes, kidneys, heart, nerves, local blood vessels, and organ dysfunction of functional nature.


What harm will diabetes bring to people’s body?


1.Abnormal cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions


Severe diabetes is most likely to lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which can be fatal in severe cases. This is mainly because of the high blood sugar content in the body of diabetic patients, which will gradually form high blood sugar in the long run. Hypertension and high blood lipid and other conditions, reflected in the body is the cerebral artery or aortic atherosclerosis or blockage, capillary hyperplasia and other lesions, these malignant conditions will increase the probability of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


2.kidney diseases


The impact of diabetes on the kidney is relatively rapid, especially type 2 diabetes, and there is no good way to prevent such kidney damage, the serious consequence is generally kidney failure, once kidney failure then hypertension or hyperlipemia and other conditions will worsen, this is undoubtedly an infinite circulation.




3.the body metabolism problems


At present, the common cause of diabetes is the lack of insulin in the body, so without active intervention, there will be disorder of glucose metabolism, and the body will appear abnormally accelerated decomposition of fat and protein, and there will be a lot of ketone bodies. The body’s internal tissues and organs, especially the kidneys and lungs, often have difficulty excreting these ketones quickly. Then the blood ketone concentration begins to rise, severe ketoacidosis or hyperotonic non-ketotic coma will occur, which is a great threat to life, and the mortality rate is relatively high.


4.Other virus infections


Diabetic patients are more susceptible to other bacterial infections, such as skin infections, which are prone to recurrent, severe sepsis may occur; Female patients are prone to fungal vaginitis. In addition, tinea pedis, tinea onychomycosis and tuberculosis are also common diseases of diabetes patients.


5.Eye problems


In addition to the problems that are easy to induce arteriosclerosis, patients with diabetes are also easy to induce hypertensive retinopathy and senile cataract. When the disease occurs, the patients’ vision will decline, and in serious cases, there may be a risk of blindness. So we must take precautions.

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