What is loose bowels? What does cause loose bowels have? What medicine should I take?

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In life, there will be a lot of people because of weak stomach or eat unclean food and loose bowels. Loose bowels not only make people uncomfortable, but also cause harm to our body. So, at this time, what medicine to take as soon as possible to make this situation to ease?


What is loose bowels?


First, we should find out exactly what causes diarrhea. There are six main causes of diarrhea, namely bacterial infection, viral infection, food poisoning, eating raw and cold food, indigestion and catching cold.




Cause the cause of loose bowels and what medicine should take?


Generally speaking, most people have loose bowels because of cold, which is caused by a cold. In this case, some atropine and belladonna are effective drugs. If the diarrhea is caused by eating the wrong things, then it is recommended to eat some berberine, norfloxacin and diarrhea. These drugs will have a certain therapeutic effect on loose bowels. How to judge the loose bowels that cause because eat wrong thing? In short, it is within a few minutes to two or three hours after eating food, you can obviously feel abdominal discomfort, and have a strong desire to excrete, you can basically think that it is eating the wrong thing. In life, we rarely have diarrhea due to eating the wrong things, but after this happens, taking medicine can not alleviate the disease, we should go to the hospital as soon as possible to prevent more serious consequences.


The above are acute, sudden diarrhea, chronic diarrhea for a long time, should take other treatment. Patients with chronic diarrhea should first go to the hospital for examination, to find out the cause, and then take medication under the guidance of a doctor. Clinically, patients with intestinal infection can take some cotrimoxazole, ciprofloxacin, fluqin acid and other drugs.


In fact, many diseases are caused by our usual lack of attention, so we should do a good job of prevention, eat less food with strong stimulus to the stomach and intestines. Summer is coming, in the heat, do not cozily enjoy too much too greedy cool. For example, sleeping on the ground without covers at night, eating a lot of iced drinks and ice cream, these will cause great damage to our stomach and intestines. As long as you pay attention to small details, you will be much less likely to get sick.

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