When it comes to STDS, AIDS is all you know? The transmission of these diseases also includes sexual transmission

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“How can you be with him? He’s a famous dandy for a hundred miles around!” Xiaoling is Qiqi’s best friend. She is worried when she hears that Qiqi is dating a very romantic person. Girlfriends always worry about such things, always worry that their best friends do not have a good love.


“He’s great. He used to be a bit messy in his personal life, but he’s all right now.” Gigi was still in love.


“Do you know that there is a venereal disease this said, venereal disease is not only AIDS this kind, although I said ugly, but I really consider for you.” Xiaoling still couldn’t help worrying.


“I know you only want what’s best for me, or I wouldn’t tell you I have a boyfriend like this. I will take good measures and go to the hospital if I don’t feel well. Don’t worry about it.” Qiqi knows xiaoling is doing it for her own good. She is very touched and not angry at all.


When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, many people’s first reaction is AIDS. In fact, in addition to AIDS, there are some other common sexually transmitted diseases that need to be prevented.


AIDS is really scary


AIDS is a very serious infectious disease, there is no cure, only through regular treatment, the disease under control, let the body in a stable state.


The main mode of transmission of AIDS is sexual transmission, which requires people to be sexually clean and not to do those dangerous behaviors. In addition to sexual transmission, there is blood transmission, mother-to-child transmission, and daily close contact transmission, everyone should take precautions.


Only AIDS? Is not enough!


When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS is your first reaction. In fact, in addition to AIDS, there are some other sexually transmitted diseases that need to be understood.




1, syphilis


Syphilis is a very common type of venereal disease, is caused by syphilis spirochete infection disease. Chancre, syphilis rash, lymph node enlargement, syphilis is more typical symptoms.


2, gonorrhea


The transmission speed of gonorrhea is faster, the disease also can be faster, infectivity is very strong. Men and women have a one-time contact, one of the parties has gonorrhea, about 35 percent of the chance will be infected with gonorrhea.


3,Chlamydia infection


Chlamydia infection is also a common type of venereal disease, is caused by chlamydia infectious disease. People who are malnourished, have poor hygiene practices and are sexually active are at high risk of chlamydia infection.


4, acuteness wet wart


Acuteness wet wart is a kind of venereal disease caused by HPV virus infection, also can be transmitted through “sex”. This venereal disease is easy to relapse, in the treatment of the time to pay attention to the standard treatment, do not interrupt treatment.


How to prevent STDS?


With the development of society, the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases is increasing year by year. Don’t want to be entangled with venereal disease, it is necessary to learn to prevent the correct method of venereal disease.


1.Keep your nose clean


Venereal is pass “same room” undertake the disease that spreads, so everybody wants to prevent venereal, want to be in “sex” above clean and clean. Do not maintain a relationship with more than one person at the same time, do not be too erosive in sexual aspects, in the process of “sex” to do a good job of protection measures, wear a good condom.


2.Pay attention to personal hygiene


In the life should pay attention to good personal hygiene, do not mix with others towel, toothbrush and other daily necessities. When you go to public places, you should pay more attention to this, take protective measures and use your own things.


3. improve the body’s immunity


People with low immunity are vulnerable to virus and bacteria, and are prone to sexually transmitted diseases. So to prevent VENereal disease, we should also work hard in this area, exercise more, eat more nutritious food, go to bed early, get up early and do not stay up late.


AIDS is not the only sexually transmitted disease. There are many other diseases that can be transmitted in the bedroom. It is hoped that people will remain sexually free and not engage in risky behavior. The feeling is not comfortable, especially private place is not comfortable, want to go to the hospital as soon as possible to check, diagnosed venereal, should undertake active and effective treatment.

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