2 angles, teach you to distinguish “true” “false” depression, timely treatment do not delay

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In modern society, the work pressure is high, the diet is irregular, the communication circle is small, the daily work makes most people rush about, but it can not be very good to relieve the mood, once the work mistakes, it is easy to feel depressed, depressed, unable to eat, because the work causes negative, physical discomfort.


And many see this kind of physical discomfort, called the health, or the job is too tired, but for a long time into the deep, negative emotions, it is easy to induce depression, trigger depression. And a lot of people will also because of the reason of work anxiety, anxiety, similar to depression, think of themselves as depression, if you appear the following situations, be careful, you have depression:




1,Easy to feel down and often in a state of unhappiness


2,Eating too little and losing your appetite


3,You lose interest in many things


4,Insomnia, difficulty in falling asleep, easy to wake up, etc


5,You’re not paying attention


6,There will be agitated situation, serious will have aggressive behavior!


If you have the above conditions, it means that you are now in a state of depression, this time, how to distinguish, you are really depressed or fake depression, just a temporary state of depression, need to judge from the following three angles:


1,Duration of depression


In fact judgment of depression is the most important standard is persistent, state of sustainability, the continuity of time, in general, pseudo depressed a lot because of sudden events, cause of depression, a deep, lost the mood, but, in time, generally not more than two weeks, the state and degree of the depression will be adjusted, Pseudodepression is a short period of time that goes away after a while, whereas true depression is a state of depression that persists after the event: low mood, lack of interest in things, chronic insomnia, or poor quality sleep. Being in a long-term negative state of mind. Such a long-term state of depression, it is easy to induce depression, the need for timely intervention treatment!


2,Physical condition


In addition to the above these apparent to both true and false depression will appear in the body outside, still can pass the depressed state of the body to distinguish true and false depression, pseudo depression can be distracting, and other sports, secrete hormones will promote a cheerful mood, improve depression, promote sleep, but there are some depression, is unable to through this way, To ease the mood of depression, and even some insomnia drugs, can only help light sleep, insomnia can not be solved, can only go to the hospital for treatment, symptomatic treatment!


So, as long as you are a depressed mood, must be timely medical treatment, carries on the special inspection, and, even if you do not conform to the reality of depression, also should appropriately and dredge adjustment, because of the division of true and false depression, line is not so clear, because there are a lot of people, just because small cause depression, but not control, Also can induce true sex to be depressed later, produce depression!


Therefore, in the end, the doctor would like to warn you that if things in life affect your state and life and you have no way to live a normal life, you must timely seek medical treatment. When you encounter problems, do not scare yourself or ignore them. Recommend you to seek professional doctors for help!

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