6 basic conditions and 8 main processes of adolescent schizophrenia rehabilitation

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Compared with anxiety, depression, and brain abnormalities that are easy to recover, adolescent schizophrenia is more difficult to recover. The scary part is that once the teen admits to having schizophrenia, or the family thinks the child has schizophrenia, the child basically never recovers. In the language of western psychiatry, if a person admits to having schizophrenia, they must take the medicine for life, and if they refuse to take the medicine, it means they have a schizophrenic episode, and they must take the medicine compultarily. The purpose of taking medication is not to cure schizophrenia, but to prevent people labeled with schizophrenia from harming themselves and others, and from behaving in ways that violate social morality and affect social and political stability. It can also be said that schizophrenia drugs are for other people and society to eat, equivalent to the thinking is bound to inhibit, so that people’s behavior is “controllable”! As for other anxiety disorders, depression or bipolar disorder, regardless of their own or family members have admitted illness, as long as they follow a certain method, completely cut off drugs, are can gradually recover.


At present, the real science of brain research is neuroscience, and there have been some preliminary usable research results, such as nerve cells will be excited because of lack of nutrition, excitement leads to insomnia, the establishment and transmission of neural networks need protein and fat, and so on. Because the human brain research is still very initial, there are a variety of explanations and rehabilitation methods for the phenomenon of brain abnormalities, the conditions and methods of rehabilitation of adolescent schizophrenia in this paper are based on the application of hormone balance theory “brain fatigue and nutritional deficiency syndrome” (referred to as “brain fatigue syndrome”). Brain fatigue sign is not only the guidance of theory, but also the experience and lessons of consultation, the summary of success and failure. It is hoped that it will be helpful to adolescents and parents suffering from schizophrenia.


Conditions for rehabilitation of adolescents with schizophrenia:


1.If parents insist that their child is suffering from schizophrenia, not brain fatigue syndrome, then they will basically follow the concept of Western psychiatry and let their child take drugs to control the brain for life, and there will be no real brain health.


2. if the child also think he has schizophrenia, means that will be destroyed by parents, will use schizophrenia as an excuse to beat parents, destroy furniture. Would be repeatedly institutionalized in the name of a schizophrenic relapse, subjected to massive doses of drugs and electric shocks that would gradually destroy the brain.


3. if parents get rid of the idea that schizophrenia is not good for life, believe that the child can recover, then the child can gradually recover, but the process will be complex and changeable.


4. if the child believes that he is not ill, as long as the parents are willing to cooperate with the child to change, the child can overcome drug withdrawal reaction, gradually restore brain health.


5. schizophrenia is different from anxiety and depression, it not only requires personal efforts, parents change, but also relatives and social understanding and tolerance.


6. whether parents or children recognize schizophrenia, as long as it is taking schizophrenia drugs to control “hallucination”, “fantasy hallucination”, “self-talk and laugh”, “mood”, and so on mental activities, it will never recover.


The process and method of adolescent schizophrenia recovery:


Schizophrenia rehabilitation method must follow love + nutrition, two behaviors are indispensable. In contrast, with depression and bipolar disorder, if you stick to one behavior, you can recover slowly, just a little longer. But schizophrenia means that not only does the brain’s ability to remember and think logically decrease, but other brain functions, such as sleep and motor functions, may also be impaired. Restoring these functions requires not only a lot of nutrition to help the neural network reconnect and build new neural networks, but also to shed some old beliefs and build new ones, and to trust family and society again. The latter can only be achieved gradually if the loving environment is established by others. The key point is usually children appear after brain abnormalities, particularly the so-called hallucinations, delusions, panic and even beat and scold parents’ behavior, tend to be mental medical diagnosis of schizophrenia, children usually don’t think I’m sick, but their behavior is occasionally happen, but also related to parents force, the results will be considered by doctors and parents is seriously ill, We need to increase the dosage. This is also the main reason why schizophrenia is difficult to recover, one is the amount of drugs, the brain nervous system damage, two is the parents and others completely distrust.


So the approach to adolescent schizophrenia is first of all to increase the intake of animal protein and fat, namely meat, eggs and milk, so that the brain’s nervous system is gradually nourished and then slowly replaced by drugs, and second of all to establish a complete trust relationship between the adolescent and the parent. Most adolescents who are labeled with schizophrenia have basically grown up without a close relationship with their parents, and without intimacy, you can’t have real trust. So the ability to establish a close relationship is a sign of whether children are willing to trust their parents. If the parents are unwilling or rejected to be close to the child, the child will hardly recover. Finally, in the child’s nutrition gradually catch up, began to believe parents, sleep gradually stable, you can gradually reduce the drug, and finally stop the drug.


adolescent schizophrenia


It is not difficult for adolescents to stop their schizophrenia medications, but drug withdrawal reactions vary from person to person, with a few mild to most severe. In fact, the vast majority of teens who fail to stop and have to stay on medication do so because kids, parents and even neighbors can’t support each other to overcome withdrawal from their schizophrenia medications. In fact, the rehabilitation process of adolescent schizophrenia is to completely overcome the drug withdrawal reaction, so that the child’s brain nervous system is completely autonomous, completely can deal with the social needs of the process. But what the average person needs to know is that western drug companies deny that there is withdrawal in psychotropic drugs. They use withdrawal instead of withdrawal, in effect not letting people stop taking the drug. So, until now, all psychiatrists have been trained in various ways, only on how to take the drug, without any professional guidance on reducing or stopping the drug. Although there are many types of drugs used to treat schizophrenia, there are several types of brain damage caused by drug withdrawal:


Part of the psychotropic drugs are neurostimulants. They stimulate neural activity. If adolescents do not consume sufficient amounts of meat, eggs and milk to gradually restore the function of the nervous system, the brain will enter a sluggish stagnation state for a period of time after the cessation of neurostimulants. The specific manifestations are as follows:


1, slow thinking, slow reaction, don’t talk to family, daze, occasionally laugh, solilogize;


2,Dull eyes, narrow vision, dull behavior, incontinence (actually not being able to go to the toilet due to slow behavior), difficulty chewing, difficulty swallowing (drooling), inability to eat (needing to be fed), etc.


for schizophrenia, neuroinhibitors are the most commonly used drugs, after stopping inhibitors will appear a variety of out-of-control behavior, if there is no patience tolerance of family and social environment. The vast majority of children are repeatedly institutionalized as a result. After the withdrawal of the neurostimulant, as the nutrient increases, the nervous system begins to recover, and the person’s behavior can get out of control. Anyway, when you stop taking your meds, you lose control of your behavior. A good home environment is associated with less loss of control and less loss of control. If parents do not have a good relationship with their children, they are strict and harsh to their children from childhood to adulthood, and even often beat and scold their children. After getting rid of neuroinhibitors, children will not only have many out-of-control behaviors, but also will be very serious. Here are just a few typical out-of-control behaviors:


1, beating their parents, pushing the color TV to the refrigerator, breaking small objects in the home, throwing things out of the home, and so on, the most important reason for these destructive behaviors is the hatred of their parents. Instead of fear and avoidance, parents need to constantly review their mistakes, be there for their children, and tolerate their behaviors. The same is true of society. They express their anger and pain through these actions. In fact, in a typical family situation, the parents often call the police to take the child to a mental institution, and the child is often afraid to beg for mercy. This kind of damaging behavior and parents usually bad temper, demanding and direct relationship to the child.


2,Run away from home. First, it takes time for parents to change, and their attitudes towards children will not change quickly. Second, parents cause too much burden on children’s brains. Children can’t bear the atmosphere of the family, and always think of leaving the family, or would rather die than stay at home. So there are people who run away from the family when they can, and even try to jump out of the window.


3,If the parents make drastic changes and the child begins to eat enough nutrition, the child will start to say something illogical, show fear, imagine some things and characters, and say some stories and ideas that the parents don’t understand in addition to the above two behaviors. This stage is very important, parents should have enough patience to accompany the child, listen to the child, let the child say what he thinks, this is the child in sorting out their memories and thinking. If the child has had electroshock treatment, the process can be lengthy. Because the shock is artificial epilepsy, no one knows which part of the child’s memory is damaged, associated with the logical process will appear unreasonable, not in line with normal thinking phenomenon. Parents in this process must not try to explain, correct, preach, just need to be patient, many children can speak for more than 3 hours, parents must not interrupt their children. Many children feel that they are not understood by their parents and beat their parents in a hurry, which is considered a relapse of schizophrenia.


4, if parents and children together through the above three stages, the child’s thinking began to become logical, but began to put forward a variety of requirements, let parents immediately meet their requirements. But parents because of economic reasons can not meet their demands, so they will be very angry, very angry, will appear to beat their parents and run away from home. But as long as parents can be patient and tolerant, children will run away less and less.


5,After going through the above four stages, the child will gradually recall all kinds of painful and angry experiences and negative experiences in the past, and will show very strong aggression. He will show anger, accusation and complaint to anyone, even those who have helped him. In particular, he hated his family to death. The main thing about this stage is that the child can’t forgive the person who hurt him, can’t forgive himself for the loss of years, and his intelligence will never be the same. This can be a very long time and a critical time for testing parents and friends. If the parents can’t stand the child’s angry aggression, the child will most likely be committed to a mental institution again.


6, after parents and children through a variety of suffering and painful struggle, through the above seven processes, but also to face the study, work and marriage of all kinds of brain burden. And after experiencing some setbacks, the child will also repeat the above process, but the time is relatively short, the symptoms are relatively light. Only when the parents continue to develop love and the children insist on ensuring the intake of meat, eggs and milk can the children truly become free and confident social people. Even if the child appears afore-mentioned various symptoms, also can rely on own strength to get rid of difficult situation quickly.


If a child in the first symptoms of some brain abnormalities, parents are immediately aware of the child is lack of love and lack of nutrition, suffering from brain is tired and nutrient deficiency syndrome, timely review of their parents, to improve the parent-child relationship, let the children a massive increase in intake of meat, milk and eggs, you can let the children back to normal soon. If parents give their children a lot of schizophrenia drugs or even an electric shock, the recovery time is relatively long. Because children will hate their parents and hate themselves even more.

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