9 basic knowledge about medicine, ordinary people should know!

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These 9 medical knowledge include Gynecology, pediatrics, andrology, surgery and internal medicine. This article is very useful! It is recommended that you collect and forward it to your relatives and friends.


1,Length of full-term newborn: About 50cm

The height of children increases fastest in the first year after birth, about 25cm in the whole year, slowing down after the age of 1, about 10cm in the whole year, and slower after the age of 2, with an average annual increase of 5cm. The calculation formula of children’s height from 2 to 12 years old is: height = age × 6 + 77 (CM) if the height of a 2-year-old child has hardly increased in a year, parents should be vigilant and take the child to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to eliminate problems such as insufficient growth hormone secretion and hypothyroidism.


2,At 6 months, the first deciduous tooth erupted

Children’s tooth emergence is generally 6 ~ 7 months, or earlier than 4 months, no more than 10 months at the latest. There are 20 deciduous teeth in total, and the permanent teeth begin to grow at the age of 6 at the latest. Children aged 11 months or over two and a half years are abnormal. The reason should be found out. Children with cretinism rickets and malnutrition have late tooth emergence


3,Dibaotian is best treated at the age of 4

The principle of corrective Baotian is to eliminate the etiology, early correction and prevent deformity. Foreign orthodontists advocate that the treatment of Baotian should begin at the age of 4 and last until the age of 18. The ground cover in deciduous teeth is very harmful, which will not only hinder the normal growth and development of children’s oral cavity, face and jaw, but also have a negative impact on children’s chewing, pronunciation, social and even psychology. It should be treated as soon as possible.


medical knowledge


4,Precocious puberty: the breasts of girls begin to develop before the age of 8 or before the age of 10

Menstruation occurs, and the penis and testis of boys increase before the age of 9. In addition to the precocious puberty caused by organic lesions (intracranial tumors), which needs to be treated for the primary disease, the greatest harm of precocious puberty to children is that the growth is not high, because the early secretion of sex hormones will make the epiphysis close early. In addition, from a sociological point of view, precocious puberty will also bring negative psychological effects to children.


Excessive nutrition and blind tonic is an important reason for more and more children’s precocious puberty. Parents should not constantly supplement their children’s nutrition and eat supplements because they are afraid of their children’s insufficient nutrition, so as to avoid harm due to love.


5,Amblyopia: corrected visual acuity 0.8

Amblyopia is an eye disease with no abnormal lesions in ophthalmic examination, but the corrected visual acuity is less than 0.8. Amblyopia patients have no perfect stereo vision function and can not engage in fine work. The curative effect of amblyopia is closely related to age. It is generally believed that 4 ~ 6 years old is the best period for treatment, the curative effect gradually decreases after 12 years old, and there is basically no possibility of cure in adulthood.


As the appearance of both eyes of amblyopia children is no different from that of normal children, it is difficult to find abnormalities by observation alone. Therefore, it is suggested that children over 4 years old should go to the hospital regularly to check their eyesight, so as to find amblyopia early


6,Cryptorchidism surgery in children: no later than 4 years old

Cryptorchidism is a common congenital abnormality of testis. One or both testicles of the patient fail to fall into the scrotum normally. If it is not diagnosed and treated early, it will cause serious problems such as infertility or testicular tumor. At present, it is advocated that cryptorchidism should be treated early. Cryptorchidism within 1 year old should be observed patiently and wait for its natural decline; For cryptorchidism after 1 year old, medical treatment should be carried out first. If the curative effect is poor, surgical treatment can be carried out.


Cryptorchidism surgery is the best 1 ~ 2 years after birth, and should not exceed 4 years old at the latest.


7,Coronary stenosis > 70%, requiring interventional treatment

It is generally believed that coronary artery stenosis < 70% can be treated with drugs first; If the coronary artery stenosis is > 70%, interventional therapy should be performed. If there are obvious symptoms, interventional therapy should also be performed if the stenosis is > 50%. In addition, in some special cases, for example, the degree of coronary artery stenosis is not enough for interventional therapy, but the imaging shows that the lesion shape is unstable and prone to thrombosis, early interventional therapy should also be performed.


Patients with more than two coronary artery stenosis > 50%, or who have received coronary angioplasty and installed stents in the coronary artery have angina pectoris again, they should undergo bypass surgery.


8,The hearing loss is about 60 dB, and the effect of wearing hearing aid is the best

Generally speaking, hearing aids are not required for unilateral deafness or mild deafness; Hearing aids are recommended for those with hearing loss of 35 ~ 85 dB; Although hearing aids can increase the volume in patients with hearing loss > 85 dB, they have no practical value due to the low language recognition rate of patients. The elderly with hearing loss should go to the hospital for hearing examination, and the doctor should decide whether to choose a hearing aid.


9, 30 radionuclide examinations = 1 X-ray chest film

Radionuclide examination, which is often used in the examination of diseases such as heart, thyroid, lung and digestive tract, is a technology for the peaceful use of atomic energy, with certain radioactivity. Many patients are worried about the examination. In fact, the amount of radiation received by the subjects during the examination is only 1 / 30 of the X-ray chest film, which will not have any impact on their health.

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