Anxiety disorder: how to overcome anxiety? My five suggestions for you

alopah Date:2021-09-06 15:34:04
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When you are particularly anxious, what should we do is the most correct way to deal with it? I give you some suggestions. If you can really understand and practice them, these symptoms will no longer frighten you. Instead, they will become weaker and weaker because of your strength.


First, when symptoms and anxiety occur, accept them unconditionally. Acceptance is the most initial response. If you can’t accept it, a series of troubles will occur, such as: you will be more painful and you will be more uncomfortable.


Second, when anxiety symptoms come, don’t fight. You can’t get rid of confrontation. You must remember this sentence. What cannot be resisted, we can only let nature take its course, comply with it, and welcome its arrival with an optimistic and positive attitude.


When you have this awareness, it can’t do anything to you.


Anxiety disorder


Third, allow the existence of symptoms, and don’t ask yourself or worry about when it will go, because these symptoms will visit from time to time, causing you pain and collapse from time to time, which is at least a normal state in the short term.


So at this time, you should tell yourself: allow them to do this! Come on, come on! I’m not afraid of you. I’ll do whatever I should.


Fourth, give yourself enough patience to wait for it to pass slowly.


Waiting and suffering is also a strategy. After all, we are really sick. Since we are sick, there must be a process of recovery. Therefore, waiting and suffering is also a realm of healing. If you can’t afford to wait and have no patience, you will care and tangle, and you will find ways to alleviate everywhere. The more so, the more confused and suffering.


Fifth, living with symptoms is an ultra-high consciousness healing method.


The reason why many patients quickly overcome anxiety and a series of physical symptoms is that they live a realm and understand the thinking realm of how to get along with symptoms, so they all get well quickly.


After all, when symptoms come, we can’t resist them and can’t get rid of them in the short term. Then the best idea is to live in harmony with them and live with them, because they can’t do you any good? What you do is always your anxious and restless heart threatened by them.

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