Be vigilant! There are 6 major symptoms of AIDS. The last one is very serious.

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Many AIDS patients, many AIDS patients because of their own bad behavior, infected with AIDS do not know. So, do you know what the symptoms of AIDS will be? How should we prevent AIDS? Now let’s learn about it!


What are the symptoms of AIDS?




One of the more striking features of AIDS is enlargement of the lymph nodes, which is characterized by coin like lumps in the armpit, groin, and posterior neck. Unlike other inflammatory lymphadenopathy, AIDS causes lymphadenopathy to last for a long time.




Generally, we will have rashes after being bitten by mosquitoes, but these rashes will disappear soon after they last a short time. The skin rash caused by AIDS will last for a long time.


3,Rapid weight loss


Aids can also lead to weight loss, but that does not mean that weight loss is AIDS, and there are many reasons for weight loss.


4,Digestive tract infection


There are common gastrointestinal diseases such as loss of appetite, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea, and the drugs used to treat gastrointestinal infection are ineffective for this kind of diarrhea.


5,Cold symptoms


Persistent low fever, weakness, night sweats, joint muscle pain, sore throat, and so on, these symptoms similar to cold actually occur in the early stages of AIDS.


What are the symptoms of AIDS


6,Neurological problems


Aids not only brings uncomfortable feeling to the patient’s body, but also seriously affects the psychological quality of the people, which makes the patients’ psychological pressure increase. In addition, the damage to the brain cells caused by HIV can cause neurological symptoms.


How to prevent AIDS?


1,Avoid having multiple sexual partners and be clean


To avoid crossing X with many people, the more objects X brings, the more likely it is to develop sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. HIV infection may not be detected within 1-3 months, and the body has no symptoms, so many people infected with AIDS do not know what they are.


2,Scientific use of condoms


There is no vaccine and specific drugs to treat AIDS, and only by prevention, the state can only vigorously promote the use of condoms, scientific use of condoms, can effectively reduce the risk of AIDS.


3,Don’t share toothpaste and toothbrush


In order to be convenient and economical, many people often share toothbrushes and toothpaste with several people, especially in some common and miscellaneous places, which is actually more detrimental to health and increases the possibility of AIDS infection.


4,Pay attention to mother to child transmission


Pregnant women or lactating women should also be self absorbed and avoid HIV infection. If you have been infected with AIDS, you should immediately avoid pregnancy or terminate pregnancy. Lactating mothers cannot breastfeed their babies.


5,Avoid blood transmission


The medical supplies used in hospitals should be disinfected in strict accordance with the requirements, and the use of disposable medical supplies should be advocated to avoid intravenous drug use and sharing syringes with others. In addition, female friends should pay attention to hygiene during menstruation and don’t throw used sanitary napkins to prevent blood pollution.

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