Before the onset of uremia, the body will send 7 signals. Don’t ignore it. Timely understanding can save lives!

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So what is uremia? What warning signs does the body have when uremia comes? Unfortunately suffering from uremia, what should we do? Alopah today will give you a detailed analysis of this chronic cancer – uremia.


What is uremia


Chronic kidney disease is a process of continuous progress, and uremia is the most serious stage after chronic kidney disease develops to the end stage and develops into renal failure. At this time, the kidney has completely lost its function, the water and electrolyte have been in a disordered state, the acid-base balance has been out of balance, and a large amount of toxic metabolites remain in the body, resulting in systemic poisoning, This situation cannot be reversed and requires lifelong treatment.


Before uremia comes, the body has 7 early warning signals


General kidney disease will send out several early warning signals before it worsens. These signals are that the body is in an emergency. You should treat it in time. Don’t wait until the disease develops to uremia, otherwise it’s too late to regret.


1,Bad appetite


The reason for poor appetite is not only the diseases of the digestive tract, but also the abnormal kidney. When the toxin in the body cannot be discharged, it will also affect the digestion and absorption function. In case of poor appetite, if there is no remission after treatment, the renal function should also be checked.


2,Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea


If you have indigestion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, treat infertility, accompanied by insomnia, irritability and limb numbness, you should check renal function in time.






Edema is a common symptom of chronic kidney disease. One of the main functions of the kidney is drainage. When the kidney is damaged and the water in the body cannot be eliminated, edema will occur. If obvious edema is found in the face and feet, check the renal function in time.




* the main function of the kidney is drainage and sodium excretion. When a person’s kidneys are damaged, water and sodium retention will occur, which will stimulate the secretion of a kidney function to raise blood pressure. Therefore, in the early stage of uremia, blood pressure will be unstable and blood pressure will increase.


5,Fatigue all over


The decline of renal function can lead to electrolyte disorder, anemia and heart failure. The human body will show weakness and fatigue. If you often feel weak and weak, you must pay attention.


6,Yellow, dull and lustrous


When the kidney is abnormal and the toxin in the body cannot be eliminated in time, it will also be reflected on the face, which is characterized by yellowish skin color and dull complexion.


7,Foam urine


When the kidney is ill, there will be some protein in the urine, which will appear on the urine, and there will be a case of foam urine.


In case of the above 7 abnormalities, do not delay, but go to the hospital in time.


Unfortunately suffering from uremia, how to treat it


At present, the clinical treatment of uremia is mainly dialysis and kidney transplantation, but dialysis is still the main treatment because of renal origin.


The way of dialysis treatment is to introduce the blood in the body into the dialyzer, use the dialyzer to replace the renal function, remove the excess metabolites and water in the blood, and then deliver it to the human body after blood purification. If uremic patients want to obtain a longer survival time, standardized hemodialysis is the key.


Prevention of uremia: drink water frequently to ensure adequate water intake, exercise more to improve the body’s immunity, ensure adequate nutrition, work and rest rules, regular physical examination and do not use drugs indiscriminately.

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