Can we completely solve the problems caused by hepatitis B in five years? A thought-provoking discussion

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Is hepatitis B really that terrible? Is it possible to be cured in the next few years? Perhaps after reading the Fudan University study, there are results as to whether a cure is possible. Fudan University’s research laboratory published an article in an international academic journal in the field of hepatology, which specifically describes what the multi-year study found. Strategies for optimizing the antiviral effects of IFN present new theories for curing hepatitis B. These new discoveries are undoubtedly an important basis for a future cure for hepatitis B. Even if a complete cure is not yet possible, the continuous progress of medical treatments tells us that a complete cure is still worth looking forward to.


Recently someone started a discussion about whether hepatitis B can be completely cured in five years, and many netizens participated in it, so it seems that there is still a lot of concern about this. There are many doctors who explain the hepatitis B virus and make inferences based on its composition and mode of transmission, etc. There is currently no cure, but it is possible to do so in the future by continuously tackling the problem. Of course there are many people who sing the praises of the idea that man is sometimes powerless in front of nature, and that hepatitis B is not a cold or fever, and that if it were really that easy to solve there would have been no carriers long ago.


This is an open-ended question with no standard answer, so how exactly should the hepatitis B virus be prevented for us ordinary people?


Preventing the transmission of a virus first of all, it is important to be clear about what ways you can be infected, the hepatitis B virus is different from the flu virus, normal communication contact are not contagious. The most common mode of transmission is from mother to child, and a large proportion of new carriers of hepatitis B who emerged after the outbreak in the 1990s were newborns. Because the mother becomes a carrier herself, the newborn is infected by the mother during pregnancy and during close contact after birth.


This is why vaccination is a very necessary thing to do, and the formation of antibodies to prevent the invasion of the virus after vaccination can effectively reduce the chance of infection. At present, all newborns are scheduled for hepatitis B vaccination, and it is believed that fewer and fewer people will be infected in the future.


hepatitis B


As mentioned earlier, normal interactions with hepatitis B carriers are not infectious, but it should be noted here that normal interactions do not include sharing toiletries, such as toothbrushes, razors and other tools that may come into contact with blood. It is not advisable for healthy people to cut their fingers and put them in their mouths to stop the bleeding, and for hepatitis B carriers, they have the hepatitis B virus in their blood and should stop the bleeding and disinfect it in time to clean up the blood to avoid others from coming into contact with the blood and increasing the risk of infection.


Therefore, regardless of the presence of antibodies in your body, you should not easily touch other people’s blood or allow others to touch your own blood.


These are suggestions for people who are not infected with hepatitis B. What about those who already have the virus in their bodies?


Mike reported that he has had hepatitis B since he was a child and has been healthy for so many years with no abnormalities in liver function. However, in the past two years, he suddenly experienced repeated enlargement of the spleen and abdominal discomfort, so he suspected that he had the onset of hepatitis B and went to the hospital for a review. Since he was always concerned about the news of hepatitis B and had regular checkups, he was found in time and improved after treatment, and has been following his doctor’s advice to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


In this case, Mike’s regular checkups prevented him from missing out on treatment, and hepatitis B is not completely incurable. If you suspect that you have accidentally contracted the virus, don’t be frightened by what it has done to you. Go to the hospital first for relevant tests to determine if you are already infected. If not, you should check whether there are still antibodies in your body, and depending on the situation, you may need a top-up vaccination. If you are unfortunate enough to be infected, don’t panic, check your liver function regularly to see if it is normal, generally normal liver function can heal itself without treatment.


Just exercise should be on the agenda, more nutrition to enhance immunity. If you like to drink alcohol, you should pay attention to the fact that the metabolism of alcohol requires the participation of the liver, and in the case of hepatitis B infection, liver function will be affected, and alcohol will undoubtedly increase the burden on the liver. Therefore, remember to stop drinking, don’t stay up late, and combine work and rest to ensure that you have the energy to fight the virus.


Finally, the doctor would like to tell you that medical technology is developing and it is possible to cure hepatitis B completely in the future, so we all need to be patient. Even if you are infected with hepatitis B, don’t be discouraged, but actively cooperate with the treatment and maintain a good state of life to face the virus.

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