Causes of convulsions in children and three first aid methods

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What are the causes of convulsions in children

Different causes and differences of convulsions in children

Fever, dehydration, hypoglycemia, brain lesions, trauma and tumor may cause convulsions, and the proportion of thermal spasm is the highest. Thermal spasm is mainly due to the unstable brain nerve function of infants and young children, and the rapid rise of body temperature causes abnormal discharge of brain cells, resulting in sudden unconsciousness, stiff and twitching limbs, foaming at the mouth, hanging eyeballs, blue lips and so on.


Febrile spasm often occurs within 24 hours of fever, most of which are systemic seizures, and the onset time is mostly within 15 minutes. Febrile spasm usually occurs in children from six months to five years old. In Taiwan, the incidence of children under six years old is 3 ~ 4%. About 20-40% of the children with febrile spasm are members of the family with a history of febrile spasm.


However, convulsions and fever are not necessarily caused by febrile spasm, but may also be caused by other serious diseases such as meningitis. They can be distinguished by different symptoms from febrile spasm. The following points provide parents’ reference:


 causes of convulsions in children


1,Meningitis, encephalitis and other brain infections are often accompanied by high fever, headache, neck stiffness, vomiting, loss of appetite, drowsiness and other symptoms. And febrile spasm, most of them have no obvious sick symptoms before convulsion, and sometimes the child is found to have a fever after convulsion.


2,The convulsions of febrile spasm are mostly systemic, rarely local convulsions like meningitis, brain tumor or intracerebral hemorrhage.


3,After convulsion, children with febrile spasm mostly have good vitality after a short sleep, unlike meningitis, encephalitis or other problems.


In daily life, many people do not pay attention to their living habits and eating habits, resulting in physical diseases. Especially convulsions. Convulsions are very painful. So, what are the emergency treatment methods for convulsions?first aid methods


1,Wrap a yarn with a handkerchief on chopsticks or a small spoon and put it between the upper and lower teeth of the child to prevent biting the tongue. If your teeth bite tightly, don’t pry them open by force. You can insert chopsticks between the teeth on both sides.


2,Keep the respiratory tract unblocked. Untie the child’s collar, relax the trouser belt, and let the child lie flat with his head to one side to prevent asphyxia caused by vomit inhalation into the respiratory tract.


3,Acupuncture at Renzhong acupoint or pressing the acupoint again with your fingers can sometimes have the effect of antispasmodic.


When children twitch due to high fever, they should also sleep in a cool place, untie their clothes, wet the towel with cold water, and place it at the forehead, armpit channeling and groin large blood vessels, so as to accelerate the heat dissipation of the body and reduce the body temperature.


In addition to high fever, hypocalcemia, hypoglycemia, epilepsy, meningitis, encephalitis and bacillary dysentery can also cause convulsions. Therefore, it is best to ask a pediatrician for examination and treatment.

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