Detailed description of three typical symptoms of moyamoya disease

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Moyamoya disease is an extremely rare cerebrovascular disease. Due to the nasal obstruction of cerebral arteries and the reduction of the amount of blood entering the brain, the small blood vessels in the patient’s brain will expand greatly, forming piles of small blood vessels similar to smoke. Patients will have hemorrhagic stroke, headache, ischemia and other symptoms, which greatly endanger the health of patients and need timely treatment.


I believe that moyamoya disease is very strange to many people. It belongs to a vascular disease. Due to the stenosis and occlusion of intracranial arteries, the amount of blood flowing into the brain is insufficient. In order to ensure the normal blood circulation inside the brain, small blood vessels will begin to expand in piles and form a form similar to smoke. So, what are the symptoms of moyamoya disease? Let’s take you to a specific understanding.


1,Hemorrhagic stroke


moyamoya disease


Hemorrhagic stroke is often referred to as intracerebral hemorrhage. When suffering from moyamoya disease, the patient’s small blood vessels expand a lot, resulting in piles of vascular proliferation. These extra blood vessels are much more fragile than normal blood vessels. Once the intracranial pressure increases or the blood pressure rises suddenly, the blood vessels will rupture, resulting in intracerebral hemorrhage.




Moyamoya disease can cause headache symptoms, which is due to the massive expansion of blood vessels in the patient’s brain, which can affect part of the nervous system and force the patient’s sympathetic nerve to be excited, resulting in headache. On the other hand, a large number of fine blood vessels formed by moyamoya disease in the brain are very easy to rupture, which will lead to intracerebral hemorrhage. Intracerebral hemorrhage will further cause headache symptoms, which is also one of the reasons.




Moyamoya disease itself is a vascular diffusive disease caused by stenosis of internal cerebral artery and gradual occlusion. Due to the occlusion of arteries, it is difficult for blood to flow into the brain. Insufficient blood supply to the brain will cause ischemic symptoms. In severe cases, it can lead to cerebral infarction and cognitive impairment, and even hemiplegia and mental decline. Even after cure, it will also produce serious sequelae, which greatly endangers the health of patients.


The above are three typical symptoms of moyamoya disease. When suffering from moyamoya disease, patients must actively cooperate with treatment under the guidance of doctors. At the same time, keep an optimistic mood and exercise, fight against the disease with a good attitude, firmly believe that you will be able to overcome the disease and promote the recovery and improvement of moyamoya disease from many aspects.

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