Director of Oncology: What are the seven ways to prevent cancer

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Cancer is a kind of malignant disease that threatens people’s life safety. Due to the neglect of certain details in life, it leads to the aggravation of the disease and seriously threatens the survival quality of patients. What methods can help people stay away from the clutches of cancer? Hurry up to follow the director of oncology to learn more about it.


1.Try to avoid the contact of harmful chemicals and try not to dye your hair.


2.Prolong the ventilation time of the renovated new house, and choose certified environmental protection materials for the decoration materials, etc.


3, after the purchase of a new car, formaldehyde test, and keep the windows open for a longer period of time to ventilate.


3.the correct use of cell phones, computers, home appliances, to avoid radiation.


4.Living irregularly and staying up late often will aggravate the acid in the body and make it easy to suffer from cancer. Develop a good living habit and get more sunshine to maintain the alkaline balance in the body and prevent lymphoma.


5.Try to eat less salty and spicy food, and do not eat food that is too hot or spoiled. Don’t eat pickled and moldy food, and a reasonable diet is very helpful to increase your resistance.


Often eat grapes, tea, kelp, soybeans, carrots, tomatoes, bananas, oranges, spinach and other alkaline foods to prevent the accumulation of acidic waste.


6.prohibit smoking and alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol contain extremely acidic acid, if it is a long-term smoking and drinking, will lead to people suffering from an acidic system.


7.Maintain a good state of mind, actively cope with stress and prevent overwork. Too much stress can induce cancer. According to Chinese medicine, too much stress can lead to a decrease in anti-stress function and endocrine disorders in the body, thus causing metabolic disorders.


prevent cancer


Ways to prevent cancer


1.Diversify food


Pay attention to food diversification, mainly plant-based food, which should account for more than most of each meal. Plant-based diet should contain fresh vegetables, fruits, beans and coarse grains, etc.


2.Control weight


Avoid overweight or underweight, and limit the weight increase to no more than 5 kg in adulthood. Overweight or excessive obesity can easily lead to higher risk of endometrial cancer, kidney cancer and intestinal cancer.


3.No burnt food


When grilling fish and meat, avoid burning the gravy. Fish, meat and bacon grilled directly on the fire can only be eaten occasionally. Try to boil, steam and fry food.


4. eat more starchy food


Eat 600-800 grams of various cereals, legumes, plant-based roots every day, the less processed the better. To limit the intake of refined sugar. Starch in food has a role in preventing colon and rectal cancer, and a high fiber diet has the potential to prevent colon, rectal, breast and pancreatic cancer.


5.Eat more vegetables and fruits


Adhering to eating 400-800 grams of vegetables and fruits every day can reduce the risk of cancer, and eating five or more kinds of vegetables and fruits every day.


6.Do not advocate drinking alcohol


Drinking no more than one glass of alcohol per day (equivalent to 250ml of beer, 100ml of red wine or 25ml of white wine) can increase the risk of oral and intestinal cancer, throat cancer and esophageal cancer.


To sum up, the triggering of cancer is closely related to the existence of habits in life. In order to prevent the aggravation of the disease, we should combine the disease with the symptomatic treatment to improve our own resistance to the disease and prevent the spread of cancer cells and metastasis.

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