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In recent years, the prevalence of tinnitus and deafness is increasing, which seriously affects people’s physical and mental health and quality of life. In addition to the necessary treatment, but also need careful care, psychological adjustment.


Eat food that can promote blood circulation


Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis can dilate blood vessels, improve blood viscosity, and help to maintain the normal microcirculation of small blood vessels in the ear. Often edible black fungus, leek, red wine, rice wine, etc.


Get into the habit of drinking milk


Milk contains almost all known vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin E and carotene. The absorption of these vitamins and calcium is utilized, improve blood circulation and deafness symptom to prevent and cure very helpful.


Eat foods containing zinc




There are many factors that can lead to deafness, and zinc deficiency is an important one. The level of zinc in the cochlea is much higher than in other organs. However, the content of zinc in the cochlea of the elderly over 60 years old is significantly reduced, which affects the cochlea function and leads to hearing loss. Foods rich in zinc include: fish, beef, pig liver, chicken, chicken liver, eggs, all kinds of seafood; Apple, orange, walnut, cucumber, tomato, cabbage, radish and so on.


Eat soy products often


Nutrition expert thinks, human body compensates iron to be qualitative can dilate microvasculature, softening red blood cell, the blood that ensures ear ministry is supplied, can prevent hearing to drop effectively. Soy contains much higher levels of iron and zinc than other foods. Soybean also contains a large number of calcium, calcium metabolism supplement cochlea insufficiency, improve deafness, tinnitus symptoms.


Tinnitus and deafness patients will have different degrees of negative emotions, family members should take the initiative to care and considerate patients, so that patients to their disease from a negative attitude to a positive, relaxed and willing to talk to people. When talking with the patient, the family members should try to talk with the patient on the side with good hearing, and talk with the patient with the maximum volume, and pay attention to the patient’s expression at any time to avoid causing the patient’s dissatisfaction or misunderstanding. If the patient can’t hear in both ears, they can use pictures or body language to convey their own information. In addition, we need to pay attention to rest, ensure adequate sleep, do not stay up late, actively prevent colds, strengthen physical exercise, and enhance body resistance.


If you have what want to understand the disease knowledge or for tinnitus and deafness have a supplement and not understanding, you can leave a message.

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