Do not know these gynecological knowledge, do not blame gynecological inflammation for finding you!

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Girl, if you know yourself better, you can take better care of your health.
Daily nursing care for girls.gynecological knowledge:


1. Wipe from front to back


The wiping direction after defecation and urination is different: women are prone to urinary tract infection due to their physiological structure. At the same time, because women’s pelvic cavity is connected with the outside world through fallopian tube, uterus and vagina, upward infection is easy to occur. Therefore, in order to avoid mutual pollution of urethral orifice, anus and vaginal orifice, the best method is: wipe from front to back after defecation; After urinating, wipe from the back to the front.


2. Change tampons frequently


During menstruation, no matter how much or how little, you should change sanitary napkins frequently. If tampons are used, the insertion time shall not exceed 8 hours.


3. Record menstrual time


Record the time of menstruation in a planned way and see how the law is: some people come once a month, some come once in more than 20 days, and others come only once in three months. As long as the law is regular, it is normal. However, women who menstruate too frequently should pay special attention to the occurrence of anemia. If it seriously affects daily life, the menstrual cycle can also be adjusted by medical means. Usually, short acting oral contraceptives are used to treat menstrual cycle disorders.


4. Change underwear frequently and use less pads


When there are many secretions, the pad can be used. Due to the poor air permeability of the pad, it should be replaced in time. At the same time, frequently changing underwear is a better choice than using pads. The underwear shall be made of cotton as far as possible, with good air permeability and sweat absorption, which can keep it fresh.


5. Vaginal flushing is unnecessary, and vulva cleaning is very important


Many women think the vagina is not clean. Because it is close to the urethra and anus, it is also the channel of menstrual blood, and it is also a necessary reproductive organ, so the vagina must be cleaned. This understanding is wrong. It is precisely because of the particularity of the anatomical position and physiological function of the vagina. Therefore, in the process of human evolution, the vagina has formed a self purification function. Improper flushing will destroy the physiological balance of the vagina itself, affect the self purification function of the vagina and cause infection.


So what is the most recommended cleaning method?


The answer is to scrub the vulva with water every night, keep it dry and clean, and pay attention to cleaning the vulva before and after sex. The key words of this sentence are: clean water, scrub, vulva. Do not use any lotion without disease.


 gynecological knowledge


Vulvar self-examination is very important


The problem of vulva self-test, alopah’s situation presents a polarized situation. On the one hand, some people stare at it for a long time every day and check it over and over again; On the other hand, some people don’t pay attention at all. They don’t remember until there are problems. They should pay more attention at ordinary times. First of all, I want to remind you that self-examination is very important. This is the first step for girls to understand their own situation. I hope every girl can pay attention to vulva self-examination and don’t be ashamed to face her body.


The self-test method is also very simple. It can be completed with only a small mirror. Self inspection is divided into observation and touch. Please wash your vulva and hands carefully before self inspection to avoid unnecessary infection.


1. Observe the shape of vulva


The shape of vulva varies from person to person. Everyone is different. You don’t have to worry too much about your shape and color. On the sixth floor, I did see many girls. Because I found that the size of my bilateral labia minora was inconsistent, I later had an operation, which was completely unnecessary.


2. Observe pubic hair


In addition, observing the growth changes of pubic hair can sometimes reflect the abnormal hormone level.


3. Observe the vulva skin


It was mainly observed from the aspects of color, smoothness, skin integrity and skin protrusion.


Color: mainly to see whether there is redness, swelling, whitening, etc;
Smoothness: mainly to exclude vulvar skin lesions and observe whether they are rough;


Skin integrity: it mainly depends on whether there are obvious ulcers and sinuses, and whether there are vegetations;


Skin protrusion: it is necessary to pay attention to whether there are vulvar cysts and other different changes from before.


4. Vulva touch self test


It is mainly through contact, pressing and other means to judge whether there are symptoms such as pain, swelling and pruritus. At the same time, it can judge whether there are cysts and other lesions through touch. This information is often the manifestation of some diseases. At this point, you should understand the importance of self inspection?


5. What should I do if I find something abnormal?


For problems found during self inspection, such as redness, swelling and vegetations, if they do not affect daily life, it is recommended to first observe whether these symptoms have obvious changes.


For example, some vegetations may not change or break after observation for a month. Without affecting life, there is no need for special treatment.


Some redness and swelling may be just transient inflammatory irritation symptoms. There is no need for special treatment after vulva cleaning.


If these symptoms change in a short time, or you are very anxious about these symptoms, it is recommended that you go to the hospital and ask a gynecologist to help you judge whether these conditions need to be handled or not!


Prevention of urinary tract infection


Because the distance between women’s genitourinary tract is relatively close and the urethra is relatively short, the probability of women suffering from urinary system infection is much higher than that of men.


Generally, the symptoms of urinary tract infection include urgent urination and frequent urination, that is, when you have the intention to urinate, you must go to the toilet, and the number of times is relatively large, but the amount of urine each time is not many. Sometimes you will feel lower abdominal pain or irritating pain at the urethral orifice when urinating.


The best way to prevent urinary tract infection is to drink more water and urinate more, wash away the bacteria in the urethra in time, and pay attention not to hold urine at the same time.


If there are symptoms of urinary tract infection, medication should be taken under the guidance of a doctor if necessary. If the delay does not heal, upper urinary tract infection may occur and affect renal function.

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