Don’t panic if you have high blood lipid, do 3 things often, blood lipid may be reduced

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Hyperlipidemia is not only a common chronic disease in life, but also one of the factors causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Under normal circumstances, there is a dynamic balance between human lipid synthesis and decomposition. Too much or too little blood lipid in the body is unfavorable to the body. It can not be controlled to the normal level for a long time, which is very likely to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and threaten our health.


What are the dangers of hyperlipidemia to the body?


1, once suffering from high blood lipid, it will lead to abnormal liver function, and fatty liver will appear after a long time.


2,High blood lipid will lead to high blood pressure. After atherosclerosis is formed in the body, the heart muscle function will be disturbed and the smooth muscle of blood vessels will be swollen, which will accelerate the secretion of adrenaline and make the blood pressure level in the body rise rapidly.


3,The emergence of hyperlipidemia is accompanied by the emergence of coronary heart disease. After prolonged hyperlipidemia forms atherosclerosis, the blood vessels become very narrow and the rate of blood flow decreases rapidly, resulting in the lack of blood and oxygen supply to the heart muscle and the formation of coronary heart disease.


Hyperlipidemia is not something that happens overnight, but needs to be accumulated over a long period of time. There are some signals given to the body before the arrival of hyperlipidemia, so you need to be alert.If the following symptoms appear, you need to seek medical attention before it is too late.




(1) Obesity and elevated blood lipids


(2) Loss of vision, blurred vision


(3) Leg and foot cramps, pain, cholesterol accumulation in the body in the leg muscles


(4) Age rings appear in the corners of the eyes under 45 years old


Do not panic when you have high blood lipids, often do 3 things, blood lipids may be able to reduce:

First, supplement maple shark acid


The body’s blood lipid level is too high, mostly because of eating and drinking, overeating caused by these foods contain saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids, for the body is very unfavorable, you can eat more maple shark acid.


The acid mentioned here is not a sour acid, but a nutrient containing maple shark acid, because it is a nutrient recommended for secondary prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, can reduce total cholesterol, low-density and very low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, reduce the deposition of cholesterol on the arterial wall, can effectively avoid the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system diseases, with a lower cholesterol level, maintain the integrity of the blood vessel wall, increase the It has the effect of lowering cholesterol level, maintaining the integrity of blood vessel wall, and increasing the elasticity of blood vessels, and is derived from natural sources, which can be called the “gospel” of high blood lipid patients.


The neuronic acid contained in Maple Squalic Acid can improve brain diseases, promote neuronal non-specificity, prevent neuronal decay, and also has the effect of prolonging life. And often take can also improve the role of Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral infarction, insomnia and depression and other brain diseases, in addition to maintaining the maintenance of the human brain from external hazards, enhance the effectiveness of the nerve center, by promoting the body’s blood circulation flow to enhance the body’s immunity.


Second, a light diet

As the saying goes: “people are food for the day”, diet is vital for each of us, try to eat less high oil, high salt, high fat food, you can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, while eating some low-fat meat and coarse grains, to achieve a light diet, balanced diet.


Third, sufficient sleep

It is very important to get enough sleep for the body, if you often stay up late, insomnia, will not only stimulate the secretion of adrenaline, but also make the blood lipid level in the body rapidly rise, which is not conducive to the control of blood lipids, so that the smooth muscle of the blood vessels swell, the rate of blood flow becomes abnormally slow, aggravating the thickening of blood vessels caused by blood clogging, leading to brain infarction.

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