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Migraine is a common epidemic disease, mainly due to work pressure, heredity and out of control of mood. Frequent migraine is a precursor of cerebrovascular diseases. In addition to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, CADASIL disease, patent foramen ovale disease, sinusitis and hypertension can cause migraine. Therefore, we need to pay attention to improving our quality of life, Stay away from unhealthy lifestyles to reduce the incidence of migraine.


The high incidence of migraine is mostly young people, middle-aged and elderly people, most of whom are women. The causes of migraine are very complex, such as excessive work pressure, too fast pace of life, irregular work and rest, heredity, endocrine disorder, out of control of emotion, etc. If only physical fatigue causes occasional migraine, you don’t need to worry too much. Appropriate rest and pain relief drugs can relieve pain, but if you often feel dizziness and headache, you should pay attention to this situation, because this situation is generally a precursor of cerebrovascular disease. If you don’t see a doctor in time, it will lead to cerebrovascular diseases such as “cerebrovascular accident”, “stroke” and “stroke”, which will lead to death in serious cases. In addition to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can cause migraine, the following diseases can cause migraine.


1、 CADASIL disease can cause migraine.


CADASIL disease is also known as autosomal dominant cerebral artery disease with subcortical infarction and white matter encephalopathy. One of the main clinical manifestations of this disease is the migraine population with migraine as the first symptom in the early stage, and the incidence probability is about 30%. With this disease, patients over the age of 60 need to stay in bed and can’t walk. It will lead to death around the age of 65. At present, the mechanism of migraine with aura is not very clear.


2、 Patent foramen ovale can cause migraine.


vascular migraine


The foramen ovale of normal people will normally shut down after three months of birth. The incidence rate of patent foramen ovale in normal population is 1/4, and migraine is one of the complications of patent foramen ovale. Incidence rate accounts for about 30%-40% of the population of patent foramen ovale. When the disease occurs, it will lead to dyspnea, numbness of limbs, and arterial thrombosis. Therefore, if you have migraine, it is very important to go to the hospital to check whether there is patent foramen ovale.


3、 Sinusitis can cause migraines.


Sinusitis is a common disease, especially when you have a cold. If you don’t pay attention, it will cause sinusitis. With sinusitis, there will be sneezing, dizziness, drowsiness, inattention, memory loss and other symptoms, as well as head pain, which will seriously affect life, study and work.


4、 High blood pressure can cause migraines.


The main manifestations of hypertension are dizziness, dizziness and headache. Especially when the blood pressure rises, the performance of headache is particularly obvious. If the blood pressure is not reduced in time, the symptoms of headache can not be relieved or disappeared. However, we should note that when hypertension causes headache, it is necessary to conduct CT examination of the head to exclude cerebral hemorrhage caused by hypertension and avoid life-threatening conditions.


In order to prevent migraine, we must improve the quality of life and ensure a healthy lifestyle, such as ensuring adequate sleep, avoiding staying up late, paying attention to the rules of work and rest, maintaining a happy mood, participating in more outdoor activities, such as mountain climbing and hiking, adhering to exercise, staying away from sub-health, not overeating or big fish and meat, eating more fruits and vegetables, and eating less high tyramine Animal fat and drink less alcoholic beverages. If migraine occurs, go to the hospital as soon as possible, diagnose the real cause as soon as possible, and then apply the medicine to the case to eliminate migraine in the bud.

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