Here’s everything you need to know about pelvic inflammatory disease

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Pelvic inflammation is basically the inflammation that causes as a result of bacterial infection, it is a kind of more common disease of department of gynaecology. If not treated in time, it will cause a lot of gynecological diseases, to the female body will cause different degrees of damage. Then, what harm can pelvic inflammatory disease cause to women? What does the treatment method of pelvic inflammatory disease have?


1.cause the cause of pelvic inflammation


1, the main pathogen causing pelvic inflammatory disease is staphylococcus, escherichia coli, anaerobic bacteria, sexually transmitted pathogens.


2, acute pelvic inflammatory disease: general female friends after birth or abortion, if not timely care is easy to lead to its infection. Secondly, poor hygiene habits during menstruation can lead to infection, which may harm the surrounding organs if it spreads.


3, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease: chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is generally suffering from acute pelvic inflammatory disease women are not completely cured and induced, or because of the poor body constitution of female patients, after suffering from acute pelvic inflammatory disease implicated in other local tissues.


Pelvic inflammation


2. the harm of pelvic inflammatory disease


1, dyspenorrhea: pelvic inflammatory disease is involved in the inflammation of all parts of the female reproductive organs, so the range of dyspenorrhea caused will be very large.


2, affect sex life: when women suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease, men in sex as long as a little force will make women feel pain. Over time, women will have an aversion to sex, which affects the relationship between husband and wife.


3, lead to ectopic pregnancy: if female friends suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease and not treated in time, for a long time will lead to the mucosal adhesion of the inner layer of the fallopian tube, and the lumen is narrowed or closed. Sperm pathways are blocked, leading to an ectopic pregnancy.


4, lead to infertility: women with pelvic inflammatory disease will make the function of the uterus and fallopian tubes weakened, thus affecting the operation of sperm and egg delivery, and ultimately induce infertility.


3.the treatment of pelvic inflammation


The treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease can be treated through physical therapy, drug therapy and surgical treatment, which one kind of treatment method should be selected according to the disease of pelvic inflammatory disease and etiology to choose.


1,Physical therapy: severe pelvic inflammation can choose physical therapy to improve the state of blood circulation around the pelvic cavity, improve the nutrition of surrounding tissues and improve metabolism, so as to promote the regression of inflammation. Generally speaking, physical therapy includes cryotherapy and laser therapy.


2,Drug treatment: Mild chronic pelvic inflammatory disease can be treated by drugs, Chinese and western medicine can be used to cure, this process may be relatively long, but fully available to achieve the results of rehabilitation. If it is acute pelvic inflammatory disease, the use of antibiotics to anti-inflammatory treatment, but also can use Chinese medicine to assist the treatment.


3,Surgical treatment: When it is found that there is a lump in the pelvic cavity, it can be treated by surgery. The surgery will generally be completely cured, and the chance of recurrence is small.


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