High incidence of infertility! Do you pay attention to these four danger signals?

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In daily life, you should also pay attention to observe physical symptoms and find the signal of infertility in time! Some couples have been preparing for pregnancy, but they always have no results! In the face of this situation, don’t be careless, let alone let it go. You must go to a regular hospital for professional examination, communicate with professional doctors to understand the problem. At the same time, you should also pay attention to observe physical symptoms in your daily life and find the signs of infertility in time!


1、 Abnormal menstruation

Abnormal menstruation is irregular menstruation or menstrual disorder, which belongs to common gynecological diseases.


It mainly refers to the abnormal amount and cycle of menstrual bleeding, such as delayed or early menstruation, too little or too much menstruation, obvious prolongation of menstrual period, accompanied by abdominal pain, headache and dizziness. When female endocrine disorders, endometrial inflammation and luteal dysfunction occur, it will lead to irregular menstruation. In addition, it is also closely related to cold stimulation, excessive emotional fluctuation, a large number of smoking and drinking, and always dieting.


Women with abnormal menstruation should go to the hospital in time for corresponding examination and treatment, which must not be delayed.




2、 Dysmenorrhea and abdominal pain

There are no symptoms of dysmenorrhea before marriage, but severe pain suddenly occurs during menstruation. We should be vigilant. It may be uterine dysplasia, pelvic inflammation, hysteromyoma, endometriosis or abnormal uterine position. When suffering from endometriosis, ovarian or uterine tumors, cervicitis and ovarian pelvic inflammatory disease, women will have dull pain in both sides of the abdomen and low back pain.


3、 Amenorrhea and abnormal leucorrhea

Women over the age of 18 have not menstruated or have not menstruated for 6 consecutive months after menstruation, which belongs to amenorrhea. This suggests uterine, pituitary or ovarian infertility. The amount of leucorrhea suddenly increases, the color is yellow and has a serious odor, showing bean curd residue or water sample, accompanied by pruritus and pain. Be alert to cervicitis, vaginitis, adnexitis or pelvic inflammation.


4、 Milk overflow

Galactorrhea refers to women’s breast extrusion or self outflow of milk during non lactation, which is mainly related to hypothyroidism, hypothalamic insufficiency, prolactinoma and chronic renal failure. Galactorrhea is usually associated with amenorrhea, resulting in female infertility.

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