How is hyperosteogeny treated more effectively

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Hyperosteogeny is a chronic joint disease. Although this disease will not affect the life safety of patients, hyperosteogeny always occurs again and again for a long time. Patients usually have discomfort, pain and swelling in one or both joints. At first, the pain is due to too long walking time or too many stairs. Generally, the situation will get better after rest.


Joint pain is obvious, and there will be dull pain. When the temperature decreases, the pain will become more serious. Patients should not only endure the pain brought by the disease, but also the inconvenience brought by the disease to life and work.


Therefore, effective treatment should be carried out in time for hyperosteogeny, so as to get rid of the pain caused by hyperosteogeny as soon as possible. So, how should hyperosteogeny be treated?




Direct current drug iontophoresis can be used for hyperosteogeny. Direct current drug iontophoresis can act the drug directly on the affected area and make full use of the drug efficacy. However, this treatment method also has its disadvantages. What is introduced into the affected area is liquid medicine, which is not durable and easy to volatilize.


There is also a common method to treat knee hyperosteogeny. That is to use ultraviolet light for treatment. Ultraviolet treatment mainly achieves the therapeutic effect through the following aspects. First, kill the bacteria in the affected area; The next step is to eliminate the inflammation of the affected area, relieve the pain of the affected area, and slowly recover the wound; Then vitamin D3 is formed through desensitization. Finally, adjust the patient’s immunity.


Prepare some cactus. First remove the thorns from the cactus. Then cut the cactus in half with a clean knife, cut it into two pieces, apply one of them to the affected area, and wrap it firmly with medical tape. The other one should be kept. Wait until the first one has been applied for 12 hours, and then take out another one to continue. If it is in cold winter, you can fry the cut cactus a little and apply it to the affected area.


In addition, reasonable collocation and balanced nutrition in daily diet can also treat knee hyperosteogeny. Patients should not smoke or drink. You can choose foods rich in calcium, such as milk, eggs, bean products, vegetables and fruits. Also pay attention to increasing vitamins. Older patients should control their diet, not be too full, and keep their weight within the normal range.

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