How should prostatitis be cared for?

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Methods of maintaining prostate in daily life:

Prostate is the largest accessory gonad in male reproductive organs. The prostatic fluid secreted by it is an important part of. Prostate, like other organs of the body, will also get sick. The most common is chronic prostatitis. It is found that 25% ~ 50% of men have suffered from this disease. To protect the prostate, men must pay attention to the following problems:


1,check whether the prepuce is too long. If it is too long, perform circumcision as soon as possible to prevent bacteria from hiding and retrograde entering the prostate through the urethra. Timely remove the chronic infection focus in other parts of the body to prevent bacteria from entering the prostate from the blood.


2,establish a correct concept of sex and avoid over frequency. Exercise can be used to release energy to prevent prostate congestion due to excessive frequency.


3,develop the habit of urinating in time, because it can make the urine flow back into the prostate.


4,ride a bicycle soon and for a long time to avoid poor blood flow in the prostate.


5,develop good living habits, less smoke and more tea, less wine and more water, less sugar and more fruit, less meat and more vegetables, less salt and more vinegar, less anger and more laughter, less medicine and more practice, less cars and more steps.




What should prostatitis patients pay attention to?

1、 Develop their own interests and hobbies, and take appropriate physical exercise to transfer the psychological burden of chronic prostatitis, eliminate anxiety and prevent mental symptoms.


2、 Avoid drinking alcohol and eating a lot of spicy food


3、 Don’t sit or ride for a long time


4、 Pay attention to local warmth


5、 Enhance the body’s immunity and disease resistance


6、 Don’t abuse antibiotics


7、 Avoid local unnecessary medical examination and operation


8、 Cultivate good coping style


9、 Popularize knowledge about prostate diseases


10、 Preventive measures for patients with prostatitis after cure


11、 To establish the confidence to overcome the disease, chronic prostatitis is not an incurable disease, but the course of disease is long and easy to relapse, but it can be cured as long as comprehensive treatment.


12、 Pay attention to daily life and develop good living habits; Prevent excessive fatigue and colds; Prohibit smoking and alcohol, avoid spicy and stimulating diet; Ride less bicycles, not in wet places; Sexual intercourse should not be too frequent or abstinence.

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