How to care for ectopic pregnancy

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How to care for ectopic pregnancy:Symptomatic nursing of ectopic pregnancy


1,Shock supine position is one of the nursing methods for ectopic pregnancy. Patients with ectopic pregnancy need to take the head high and feet high (each raised by 15 °), which is conducive to the increase of lower limb return blood volume and the blood supply of important organs.


2,Patients with ectopic pregnancy need to keep their respiratory tract unobstructed, inhale oxygen and improve hypoxia. This is also in the care of ectopic pregnancy.


3,Rapid volume expansion, rapid establishment of two venous pathways to ensure smooth veins, and corresponding drugs shall be given according to the condition of ectopic pregnancy.


4,Closely observe the vital signs of patients with ectopic pregnancy. Blood pressure is an indicator of hemorrhagic shock. Raising blood pressure is the key to win the opportunity of surgical rescue. At the same time, the nursing of ectopic pregnancy needs to closely observe the changes of blood oxygen saturation, pulse and consciousness.


5,DIC treatment, actively observe whether there is bleeding tendency, find and treat in time. The main treatment principles were removing the etiology of ectopic pregnancy, improving microcirculation, anticoagulation and thrombolysis, anti fibrinolysis, hemostasis and liver protection.


Daily nursing of ectopic pregnancy


ectopic pregnancy


Within 2 weeks after laparoscopic surgery for ectopic pregnancy, take appropriate rest, do not do heavy ectopic pregnancy and physical labor, eat more ectopic pregnancy and nutritious food to make the body return to normal as soon as possible, and prohibit sexual life within 1 month to prevent reproductive organ infection. If you get pregnant, it will be a year later. If you have fever, abdominal ectopic pregnancy, pain or abnormal smell of vaginal secretions, you should see a doctor in time.


1,Maintain the regularity of life: even if the operation is successful, if the ectopic pregnancy is born after the operation, it will aggravate bleeding or leave sequelae. After the operation, you can rest in the hospital for one day, or have an ectopic pregnancy and go home. In the next few days, I have to go to the hospital for observation and treatment, and ensure full rest for ectopic pregnancy.


2,Clothing should be loose and not too tight.


3,During this period, do not have ectopic pregnancy, drink alcohol, and do not take a bath without the doctor’s permission, because sometimes ectopic pregnancy can cause infection.


4,In order to ensure the health of the mother, do not have ectopic pregnancy in the hand. Ectopic pregnancy after operation, immediately pregnancy, because the uterus is damaged during the operation of ectopic pregnancy. At this time, pregnancy is very dangerous. Therefore, safe contraceptive measures must be taken.


5,From the second day of surgery, don’t overwork and exercise.


6,On the basis of normal diet, appropriately limit fat. After ectopic pregnancy, the fat should be controlled at about 80 grams per day within one week after operation. People with menstrual disorders should avoid irritating foods, such as pepper, wine, vinegar, pepper, ginger, etc. These foods can stimulate sexual organ congestion and increase menstruation. They also avoid cold foods such as crab, snail, mussel, etc.


7,After ectopic pregnancy, you should eat less raw and cold food. You can brush your teeth. Don’t use too much force, just take too long. Pay attention to the wind and keep warm. You can wash your hair and take a bath.

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