How to improve the situation of sexual psychological disorder

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How to improve the situation of sexual psychological disorder? Generally speaking, patients with sexual psychological disorders have no outstanding performance in other personality disorders. Except for sexual life disorders, other behaviors are no different from normal people. The treatment of sexual psychological disorders is difficult. Both patients and their families are very painful, but as long as symptomatic treatment can still achieve results, today alopah brings us to see how to improve sexual psychological disorders.


The common feature of sexual psychological disorder is that the objects of sexual excitement, sexual impulse and sexual behavior of patients are different from ordinary people. They have strong sexual excitement about some objects or situations that ordinary people do not cause sexual excitement, such as underwear and handkerchiefs used by women, and interfere with or reduce the normal way of sexual behavior to varying degrees.


(1) Positive education: clearly point out the harmfulness of some behaviors, some behaviors violate the current laws and unit systems, do not conform to the customs and habits of their culture, and face serious problems in employment, enrollment and other aspects. Educate patients to overcome their sexual deviation tendency through will.


sexual psychological disorder


(2) Psychotherapy: enable patients to review their own psychological development process, understand when, at what stage and what factors lead to the wrong path, so as to enable patients to correctly understand and understand and carry out self psychological correction. The curative effect of psychotherapy depends on whether the patient’s desire for treatment is strong and whether the patient feels uneasy or painful for his sexual and psychological deviation. If the answer to the above two points is yes, the curative effect is relatively good. If sexual psychological disorder occurs early and lasts for a long time, and the patient is over 40 years old, the curative effect is not good. Experts also pointed out that if heterosexuality is not considered or handled well in treatment, it is often difficult to achieve stable curative effect. Generally speaking, the effect of psychotherapy is limited.


(3) Behavior correction: aversion treatment, such as giving patients aversion and malignant stimulation immediately after showing homosexual health images and homosexual videos. Patients with fetishism can also take aversion treatment.


(4) Others: transsexuals often require surgery to change their gender, but transsexual surgery is complex, difficult and expensive. Especially, relatives and friends often firmly oppose it, and some have psychogenic depression and suicide. The effect of surgery is uncertain, and there are many adverse reactions of hormone replacement therapy after surgery. In terms of psychology, patients can’t accept themselves before surgery, and it’s difficult for society to accept them after surgery. Some people have to live incognito after surgery. Therefore, the operation should be cautious and perform the corresponding legal procedures.


We know how to improve the situation of sexual psychological disorder through the introduction of Xiaobian. This is a disease with complex etiology, so it is difficult to treat. In the process of treatment, traditional Chinese medicine depends on the specific situation of patients. If you want a person to have a correct concept of sex, we should cultivate it from an early age, especially in adolescence, establish a correct outlook on life and guide normal sexual behavior.

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