In 2021, is there really nothing we can do about the “cunning” liver cancer? The chief of oncology gives advice

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“A colleague was suddenly diagnosed with liver cancer and died in less than six months.”

“How to detect liver cancer before symptoms appear?”


Regarding liver cancer, it has become a heart disease for patients with chronic liver disease because of many hazards such as short and rapid course of the disease, mid to late stage once diagnosed, and extremely high mortality rate.


Can patients with chronic liver disease become cancerous? Can it be identified in the first place? The director of oncology said that hepatitis – cirrhosis – liver cancer is commonly known as “liver cancer trilogy” by doctors, and such a large population base of liver disease provides a huge “reserve army” for liver cancer. If you want to stay away from liver cancer, early screening and early diagnosis and treatment are the most effective ways to prevent and control liver cancer.


Why is liver cancer found at an advanced stage?


Many people may wonder, since it is a common type of cancer with so many clinical cases, why it still cannot help patients to detect it in advance and treat it early? In fact, the problem lies in the liver itself.


The liver is the largest gland in human body, like a chemical factory of human body, which is involved in the synthesis and decomposition of sugar, protein, vitamin, etc. It is also involved in the transformation of hormone metabolism, decomposition and detoxification of drugs, as well as the secretion of bile and the production of clotting factors, etc. It is the largest substantive organ in human body, and its “status” is quite important.


However, the liver is the only organ that does not have painful nerves, and a normal person only needs 1/3 of the liver to maintain daily physiological functions.


In other words, even if there is something wrong with the liver, the human body will not show any obvious discomfort. Once the symptoms of liver cancer such as bloating, loss of appetite and weakness appear, they are easily confused with other diseases and overlooked. When the body shows obvious reactions (ascites, pain in the liver area, yellowing of the skin, etc.), the liver is already severely damaged and cannot “function” normally.


liver cancer


These “culprits” that you ignore are leading to liver cancer step by step


Not all patients with chronic liver disease will get liver cancer, and not all of them have a history of liver disease, so what makes these patients go to liver cancer step by step?


As we mentioned earlier, the liver is responsible for many functions, including metabolism. Long-term alcohol consumption leads to long-term accumulation of toxins metabolized by alcohol, which makes people prone to alcoholic liver disease. Alcoholic liver disease initially manifests itself as fatty liver, and then progresses to alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic liver fibrosis and alcoholic cirrhosis, which eventually increases the likelihood of liver cancer.


Exposure to aflatoxin is an important factor in the development of liver cancer and is mainly found in moldy corn, peanuts, rice, wheat and other grains. Therefore, it is important to avoid contact with and consumption of such moldy foods.


The director of oncology specially reminds that excessive obesity is increasingly considered by experts to increase the chance of liver cancer, and obesity can easily lead to metabolic problems, resulting in liver metabolic dysfunction and subsequently inducing the occurrence of liver cancer, which is often overlooked.


What else can we do for early prevention?


Besides understanding the source and preventing at the root, early screening is considered to be the most important part.


It is often too late to diagnose liver cancer only after symptoms appear, so regular medical checkups and screenings are very crucial, according to the director of oncology, especially for people at high risk of liver cancer: those with hepatitis B/C virus infection, excessive alcohol consumption, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, long-term consumption of aflatoxin-contaminated food, cirrhosis of the liver and family history of liver cancer, or men older than 40 years old, should have regular annual health checkups, including liver ultrasound and screening for AFP tumor markers.


In daily life, it is important to keep life as normal as possible by maintaining a healthy diet, not drinking excessively, sticking to exercise, not abusing drugs, and not staying up late.


We should master the knowledge of liver cancer prevention and treatment, and try our best to achieve early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment so as not to be led by the nose by it.

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